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DREAMWORM – The Journey

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DREAMWORM – The Journey

The Journey
(Industrial Metal | Alternative Metal)

Label: DIY
Format: (EP)

Release: 26.01.2024

Dreamworm is part of a new wave of heavy music unbound by musical conventions or genre constraints. Integrating many disparate musical influences such as punk, EDM, industrial and death metal and weaving them together with a generous helping of classic rock.

Australia’s metal scene is known, among other things, for numerous AC/DC clones, but the small continent also constantly produces creative and varied acts and exports them around the globe. New to the band are the ambitious men from DREAMWORM from Melbourne.

A dark and nasty mix of FEAR FACTORY, STATIC X, TOOL and MUSE is what the Aussies serve us on their second EP “The Journey”. And the direction is right, because in addition to the cool sounds and industrial rhythms of the Angstfabrik and the like, dark (post-)grunge and alternative metal sounds always stand out, while electronic and pop interludes ensure catchiness and recognition value.

Cool synths, electronic sounds and effects that are also used in gothic, EDM and darkwave areas, as well as the classic rock influence, ensure even more variety and singer Tom Christen not only cuts a good figure on the four tracks, but also absolutely fits the bill . From driving vocals to dark, promising vocals to rock music, everything is there that fits the genre. However, harsher vocals are largely avoided. From the heavy, pressing “Dissolve” to the driving “Tranceform” and the fast and hypnotizing “Lightspeed” to the danceable “Lost”, this record is fun and even creates a subtle addictive pull.

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A band between two chairs – rocking industrial metal with pop elements, catchy melodies and anthemic songs. At first glance that doesn’t sound very appropriate, but DREAMWORM skillfully combines these virtues to create a very unique, exciting and quite original sound. Would like more of it!

Tracklist „The Journey“:

1. Dissolve
2. Tranceform
3. Lightspeed
4. Lost
Total playing time: –


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