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Driver Club, the new way to vacation

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ROME – A luxury holiday in Italy with attention to the smallest details? A Grand Tour of the peninsula aboard the most celebrated cars in history? It can be done, if this idea had jumped into your head. Today, yes. Because ‘The Driver Club’ was born, founded by professionals from the tourism, automotive and travel fiction sectors. With a basic idea: to offer regional trips and daily itineraries linked to our historical and cultural heritage from a refined perspective. The idea is for those who want to join the Club.

On the occasion of the presentation to the public, two special travel experiences were created, in Tuscany and Sardinia, also open to non-members, on sale from 1 July 2021 on the thedriversclub.it website and on the Instagram page @thedriversclubigt (in general prices and details of the Summer / Autumn 2021 Open Journeys can be requested by writing to: [email protected]): to understand the type, the trip to Tuscany – one week – will be carried out on board a vintage or contemporary convertible. The itinerary, of about 800 km, will wind its way from Maremma to Chianti, with the pleasure of staying in magnificent residences. Instead in Sardinia the itinerary – lasting ten days – will cover stretches of the mythical “oriental” exploring Polynesian lagoons, geological wonders and the ancestral traditions of Barbagia.

For members there are cars of this type: Ferrari 246 GT Dino, Porsche 911 S Targa 2.4, Jaguar E-Type Roadster V12. The catalog also includes young timers, droptop, super sports, Granturismo and pharaonic flagships. The choice of the car is the first step, where the guest can customize each itinerary with private visits to palaces, archaeological sites, artisans’ workshops, art collections often closed to the public. There is also the gastronomic aspect, with local menus, traditional restaurants, world-renowned wineries and Michelin-starred chefs.

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