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DS 3 E-Tense, when the car becomes art

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DS 3 E-Tense, when the car becomes art

ROMA – Take a DS 3 E-Tense, arm yourself with a screwdriver and tear it to pieces: the engine on one side, the seats on the other and so on. You will find yourself with a series of components that you will not know what to do, if not put them on sale on amazon. However, if someone like Mathias Kiss does this, then everything changes and becomes pure art.

To see the Parisian artist’s exhibition entitled “Masterpieces”, you must enter the Hôtel de Coulanges, a place in pure French style and currently occupied by the avant-garde cultural scene. In the center of the courtyard, between two DS 3 E-Tense, a part of the car generally excluded from our field of vision is exposed in the foreground, thanks to which the car comes to life and movement: the engine.

“In addition to echoing its 100% electrical energy, this reflective gold leaf work gives the appearance of an ancient sculpture,” explain the organizers of the exhibition. “The reference to the notion of classical inheritance is amplified by the monumental effect of raising the work on a pedestal covered with silver leaf. The refined and deconstructed architectural forms, faithful to the artist’s lexicon, nevertheless express an ultra-contemporary vision of the New DS 3 when applied to this medium ”.

In the main staircase of the hotel, the artist highlights the typical lighting of the DS 3 E-Tense, using the principle of filaments positioned under the front headlights of the car, made up of hundreds of LEDs. These are symbolically translated into an ultra-minimalist lighting sculpture, whose graphic and angular shape mimics the directional lighting technology of the New DS 3.

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For the seats, the choice was different: molded in plaster, entirely covered with a marbled design that perfectly imitates the material par excellence of classical sculpture. “This installation also aims to immerse us in the enveloping acoustic atmosphere of the New DS 3”, underline the organizers. “The 12 speakers of the car’s hi-fi system are scattered on both sides of the space, embedded in decorative boxes that adorn the walls like paintings. To further isolate the experience from any external noise pollution, the walls are clad in soundproof foam, whose 3D polygon casing pays homage to the “Clous de Paris” guillochage motif, revisited in a contemporary key by the New DS 3 in its interior ” .

Finally, to offer an avant-garde “Listening Room” configuration, one of the leading references of the experimental music scene was used: composer Jonathan Fitoussi was invited to produce a tailor-made sound creation inspired by this artistic and automotive project at the same time. The result was an “emotional symphony” amplified by a mirrored ceiling, which doubled the space, creating that immersive and dizzying sensation that only art. when it is true art, it is capable of producing.

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