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E-bike in winter, instructions for proper maintenance

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ROME – Not all bicycle enthusiasts are willing to face the rigors of the winter season even if there is no shortage of cyclists who continue undeterred to use their e-bikes even during the coldest months and with the rain. In any case, whether you decide to leave the bike at rest, or continue to use it occasionally, winter still requires a series of specific attentions, which is why some useful tips come from Thok to keep e-bikes in perfect health. For those who decide to “hibernate”, before storing the e-bikes it is advisable to thoroughly clean all the components. In addition to the frame, it is important to focus on the suspension and transmission using specific products (degreaser, brake cleaner, electrical contact cleaner, suspension protector), which remove grease and dirt without damaging the components. It is a good idea to also remove the battery and clean the charging port and the connections well, also in this case using the special sprays for the electrical contacts which at the same time have a protective function. Once the washing operations have been completed, it is necessary to lubricate the mechanics: oil the chain, the pedal bearings and use silicone spray to protect and keep the fork and shock absorber oil seals and the telescopic saddle tube soft. Obviously, you must avoid sending oil to the brake discs, under penalty of very long and ineffective braking when you get back on the saddle.

If the temperature of the bike parking place is between 10 and 20 degrees it is not necessary to remove the battery, but at lower temperatures or in the presence of high humidity, it is better to remove it and store it in a suitable environment. If the battery is integrated and cannot be detached, it can be protected by wrapping the down tube with a blanket and, in case of humidity, also with nylon film (such as Domopak), and to maintain its efficiency it is better to recharge it to 70% . Furthermore, according to the specialists of the Alba factory, if the bicycle remains stationary, it must be brought back to that level every six months and fully recharged before use. The horizontal position should then be preferred, to avoid the formation of air inside the hydraulic braking system and the leakage of oil from the fork cortices, while the tires must be inflated (maximum pressure is not necessary) and otherwise not punctured with the weight of the bike are further crushed and damaged by deforming. Tubeless tires, during periods of rest, it is good practice to turn them from time to time to keep the latex in motion and prevent it from drying out. Then check that the longest gear is engaged, so that the transmission springs remain relaxed (in the case of a Shimano gearbox, the clutch must be set to off). Finally, the telescopic tube of the saddle must be completely raised (rest position for the cartridge) and the suspensions unlocked so as not to keep them under pressure but in a relaxed position.


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