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“East Tower”: The Fusion of Ancient Legends and Hip-Hop Culture in a Large-Scale Rap Musical

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“East Tower”: A Fusion of Ancient Legends and Hip-Hop Culture

China News Service, Beijing, February 6 (Reporter Ying Ni) – The large-scale original rap musical “East Tower” produced by the Chinese rap music management company Zhongmeng Music Group is currently under intense production and will make its debut this summer.

As China’s local musical market becomes increasingly prosperous, how to create a musical with a more contemporary style has become a difficult problem for practitioners. “East Tower” is making such an attempt, integrating the legendary stories of ancient China with hip-hop culture, to present a unique musical to the audience.

The producer described the story as, “In the last years of the Dayang Dynasty, the royal family was decadent, the current situation was disputed, and the world was in constant war. A pair of young men who were very different from each other had the same appearance; How do you know the difference between fish and dragon among the forces whose fate is entangled? The bottom disciple of the Immortal Sect who went down the mountain to practice is waiting for a fateful encounter that will change his face. The only bloodline of the royal family who broke out of the cage is looking forward to a prosperous life that will change his destiny. Tao. A busy ordinary inn at the intersection of many places ushered in a wonderful drama where fish and dragons gathered together. The fateful reversal of laughter and curses opened a fantasy door with a rich history.”

The drama tells the story of love, hate, and resentment in a thrilling and suspenseful way, incorporating hip-hop elements to make the whole drama modern while retaining its traditional charm. This art form not only allows young people to feel the charm of traditional culture but also allows them to find resonance in the fast-paced modern life.

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The show stars Good Morning, the national champion of “Rap Listen to Me” and the “Value Rapper of the Year” at the 2023 Weibo Music Festival. In the MV for the single “Star” released simultaneously, his performance is like a miniature “rap musical”. In addition to Good Morning, other singers from Zhongmeng Music are also expected to play important roles.

“East Tower” also put great effort into the stage design, cleverly using modern technology and traditional elements to reproduce the classical aesthetic scenes one by one. The audience seems to be in that distant era, experiencing the joys and sorrows with the characters in the play. It is reported that the play is expected to premiere in Beijing in the summer of 2024, followed by a nationwide tour.

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