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Eddy Planckaert sees his castle dream shattered after 4 years of struggle: “I have a very difficult time with that”

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Eddy Planckaert wanted to live in France with all his family, but the children no longer wanted to do that. — © © VRT

It was Eddy Planckaert’s (65) big dream to renovate a castle in France together with his family and to be able to spend his old age there. But after four years of hard work, the offspring decided to stay in the Ardennes. Much to the regret of the paterfamilias. “I’m having a really hard time with that,” laments the cycling legend in Het Laatste Nieuws.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024 at 3:41 PM

Flanders’ most famous family announced in May last year that it would sell its chambre d’hôtes in Bure in Wallonia. Keeping the square farm open could no longer be combined with the renovation of the castle. However, the acquirer unexpectedly pulled out some time later. The Planckaerts then decided to keep the building. A compromise was reached: one weekend a month the farm serves as a B&B, while the family members are present.

Father of the house Eddy Planckaert is at the heart of it. “My dream to live together in France failed and I am having a very difficult time with that,” says the former cyclist. “That was the reason why we bought the castle at the time. But I have to respect my children’s opinions.”

Cheaper in France

Planckaert regrets his children’s decision and would have preferred that they rent or sell the bed and breakfast and chalets in Lesterny, Luxembourg, and live like God in France for good.

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“We could all live together there more simply and cheaply. We shouldn’t have to work much anymore. The grandchildren can study in Paris, right? But hey, they’ll just have to experience it for themselves… I had imagined my old age differently: my ultimate dream does not exist. And I don’t feel like moving to France with Christa alone. What would I do there if my gang is in the Ardennes?”

The Planckaerts in front of their castle in France, Eddy’s big dream. — © put

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