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Eight chapters convey the spirit of struggle Jiangsu Satellite TV 2023 New Year’s Eve concert gathers the strength of “us”_Stage_Performance_Wang Xi

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Eight chapters convey the spirit of struggle Jiangsu Satellite TV 2023 New Year’s Eve concert gathers the strength of “us”_Stage_Performance_Wang Xi

Original title: Eight chapters convey the spirit of struggle Jiangsu Satellite TV’s 2023 New Year’s Eve concert gathers the power of “us”

2022 is about to come to an end, and “light up happiness with struggle” will become a resounding voice at the end of this year.

Jiangsu Satellite TV’s 2023 New Year’s Eve Concert will be guided by the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, continue the theme of “lighting up happiness with struggle”, and use “we” in struggle as the core topic throughout the eight chapters to pay tribute to every struggling person you me him.

At 19:30 on December 31, Jiangsu Satellite TV’s 2023 New Year’s Eve Concert will be staged at the Cotai Arena in Macau for the sixth time, and will be broadcast live globally. At the moment in Macau, more than 1,500 people are ready to go, from behind-the-scenes directors, stage designers, lighting, sound, and visual technology teams to performers and dance troupes in front of the stage. Wang Xi, chief producer of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve concert, said frankly that the team seeks “differentiation” every year, and only innovation can make a difference. This year, we still have to create new ideas, new meanings and new meanings, ” I hope to convey emotions and stories in the party, do a good job of balance, and bring warm memories to everyone at the end of the year.”

“We continued to use the design of last year’s chapter structure this year. It is still eight chapters. We have made some adjustments to the starting point to focus more on the strugglers around us.” Wang Xi introduced that Jiangsu Satellite TV’s 2023 New Year’s Eve concert will be conveyed in different dimensions With different spiritual outlooks and humanistic spirits as the framework, we elaborated “we who go to the mountains and rivers”, “we who strive for self-improvement”, “we who walk together with one heart”, “we who promote the national style”, “we who love life” and “we who pursue dreams and the future”” The eight chapters of “We Are Youthful” and “We Are Going Forward Courageously”.

Each chapter is closely related to the theme, and the guest performers, program content and storytelling are integrated. Yu Ruofei, captain of the Blue Sky Rescue Team, Chen Beier, TVB host, Huang Jialun, chairman of the Macau Patriotic Education Youth Association, Tao Jianzhong, an aerospace expert, Yang Lan, the host, and Zhang Changning, the world champion of the women’s volleyball team, will be on stage as “struggle narrators” and will be the “struggle narrator” for the middle six. Section opening. Wang Xi said that every struggle narrator closely echoes the theme of the chapter. For example, Yu Ruofei embodies the spirit of self-improvement, Zhang Changning shows a youthful attitude, Yang Lan talks about the inheritance of national culture, and Tao Jianzhong brings aerospace knowledge to pay tribute to the stars and the sea. Jiang Fangming, chief director of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve concert, said, “I want every audience to get something out of it and see themselves.”

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Wang Xi said that during the nearly 5-hour live broadcast of the gala, more than 20 groups of artists will bring more than 50 performances. experience. Gathering the power of “us”, the party will also focus on heart-warming works in the selection of songs. There are classic old songs, as well as golden songs with the significance of the times, and of course the release of new songs by artists is indispensable. Wang Xi said that good listening is the first criterion for selecting songs, followed by a certain degree of recognition, and is associated with annual memories, social hot spots, and public emotions. For example, this year coincides with the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to the motherland. The sexiest song “Under the Lion Rock”.

All staff continue to create the top show in Asia

Li Yuchun has a “new experiment”

Wang Junkai challenged “Adventure Music Journey”

Over the years, “Litchi New Year’s Eve” has always adhered to the true voice, continuously strengthened the platinum quality, and led the continuous advancement of “Asia’s Top Show”. This year, the gala gathered the top singers in the Chinese music scene, and tailored a stage show for them to highlight their personal characteristics. The guests and artist team devoted themselves to the party with great enthusiasm and in-depth thinking. “Many artists come to ‘co-create’ with the director team with the initial ideas of the program, thinking about what to sing this year, how to sing, and how to present it. Jiangsu Satellite TV has reached a consensus during the New Year’s Eve, and wants to create good works and bring warmth to all audiences.”

“Litchi Friends” Li Yuchun and Xue Zhiqian, who participated in the New Year’s Eve for the seventh time, used “breakthrough” as the key word. Li Yuchun is counting down from zero to the finale. Not only will there be “new experiments” in performance, but he will also bring new attitudes and new ideas; Xue Zhiqian will appear on the stage in three times, with solo and chorus, each time in a different form.

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Zhang Jie and Zhou Shen, who performed out of the circle every year, once again challenged themselves. Jiang Fangming revealed: “Zhang Jie seldom covers girls’ works. We found that ten years ago he had an album called “Those Loves That Greeted Us”. We want to hear his expression ten years later.” The “Songs Without Words” performance at the bottom of the box will also be sung with the “Plum Blossom Award” winner Wang Danhong and more than 20 Peking Opera actors, which will be a presentation of “reasonable and unexpected”. He also said that Wang Junkai, who has the courage to try, is looking forward to bringing an “adventurous music journey” on the New Year’s Eve stage this year, and will show his unique strength in emotion and atmosphere.

First attempt at a two-tiered stage

The three-dimensional structure breaks the space and opens the “multidimensional universe”

The stage of “Litchi New Year’s Eve” is changing every year, leading the aesthetics of the TV show with ingenuity. Wang Xi revealed that this year’s stage had a very big breakthrough, “For the first time, we tried to adopt the three-dimensional structure of the double-layer stage, which broke the spatial pattern of the stage being on the same plane for many years.”

Tang Yan, the chief director who has been in charge of the visual creation of stage art for many years, used “bold” to describe this stage stage advancement. “In the past, the stage art has been adhering to the concept of a giant transformable device in the air, and the ground stage is relatively simple. This year, we reversed the giant structure in the air and used it on the ground to form a multi-layer stage relationship. It can be called a multidimensional universe or a parallel universe.” Tang Yan said that the double-layer stage structure was jointly designed by professional structural engineering units in the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao. In order to ensure the 100% safety of the stage and installations, it is equivalent to completing a real bridge design process.

The multi-dimensional space stage creates infinite possibilities for performance shows, and artists can realize the “displacement” between the double-layer stages. Tang Yan said that the total height of the two-story stage is 6 meters, and the drop is about 4 meters. Elevators, dances, and lighting can all be adjusted in a wide range to coordinate with it.” Of course, this brought challenges to the stage design team. On the basis of nearly 30 camera positions on the flat stage, special scenes and camera positions, lifting and hanging With hardware such as lighting system, sky track, and flying cat rocker, the audience will get a brand new experience.

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Virtual Technology Extreme Challenge

Exploring the gameplay of the metaverse, Wang Yuan formed a band alone

2022 is the year when the metaverse exploded. Cui Yongjiang, the AR virtual director of Jiangsu Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve concert, led the team to deeply explore the metaverse gameplay of the show, and to achieve innovation and advancement around the program’s creativity. He said that this will be a “fantastic, interesting, magical, and beautiful” New Year’s Eve party. “We use a lot of virtual technology, which is an even more extreme challenge in visual presentation.”

According to Cui Yongjiang, the performances of Li Yuchun, Wang Yuan, Deng Ziqi, Zhang Jingying and other singers all use the latest virtual technology, which is very immersive, futuristic and interactive. The audience’s favorite “Big Blue Whale” also has an unexpected appearance. He threw out the highlights of Deng Ziqi’s performance show in advance, unlocking the ocean scene like “Avatar: The Way of Water”, “We ‘moved’ the ocean in the MV of Deng Ziqi’s new song to the stage, bringing everyone a shocking visual spectacle.”

The “indigenous people” virtual digital human of the metaverse came out of another dimension, which was also one of the innovative highlights of the party. Cui Yongjiang introduced that the team has created digital humans for many singers. The screen will present the perfect fusion of real people, digital humans, virtual scenes, and real stages, opening up the quality of “Asia’s top show” in Metaverse and upgrading it. Among them, the most representative one is Wang Yuan, who will form a “four-member band” with his own digital people. Cui Yongjiang revealed that this program uses 6 cameras to shoot a show, and 4 “people” perform a 4-minute song, which is equivalent to a huge “digital asset” of 96 minutes. Since then, the workload has been the largest, from idea to implementation, Wang Yuan’s virtual show has broken through many difficulties, and it is worth looking forward to.”

That’s right, you can always trust Lizhi’s New Year’s Eve stage! Light up the journey of happiness with struggle, and pay tribute to the spirit of the times with singing. Jiangsu Satellite TV’s 2023 New Year’s Eve Concert, which combines warmth, joy and creativity, is about to start. Lock on Jiangsu Satellite TV at 19:30 on December 31st, let us cross 2022 and embrace 2023 together.Return to Sohu to see more

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