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Ektomorf – Vivid Black – Album Review

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Ektomorf – Vivid Black – Album Review

Ektomorf – Vivid Black
Origin: Hungary
Release: 08.12.2023
Label: AFM Records
Duration: 34:15
Genre: Neo-Thrash Metal / Hardcore

Photo Credit: Valentin Varg

The changing times do not stop at music. As much as older bands still try to maintain the classic styles of bygone times, many modern bands have now firmly established themselves in the scene and represent completely new genres and styles.

So can too Ectomorph celebrate great success with the mixture of thrash metal and hardcore, called neo-thrash. That’s why it’s hardly surprising that her fans are excited about her new work Vivid Black expect.

This is already happening during the opener I’m Your Last Hopethat you each other HERE If you listen to it, it’s clear how difficult it is to classify this album under a genre. What seemed groovy at the beginning Pantera Song sounds, gradually turns into crashing death metal with good growls. But what follows Die This classification is somewhat destroyed because it comes across as punky and combines thrash metal and core in a good mix.

Interessanter Mix

Ectomorph They always know how to keep the listener happy. An example stands out here Fade Away out. Here the Hungarians prove their talent by building the song in a very interesting structural way: growling and clear singing alternate, which ensures great variety. Both fans of melodic music and chronic headbangers will get their money’s worth here!

Another highlight of the album is the atmospheric Vivid Black and You Belong There to name. The latter in particular is defined by the mix of punk and death metal that the musicians master so perfectly and which appears again and again in the songs on this album.

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Been there for a long time

The last song of the album REM brings a whole new note into the game. Here completely different tones from the direction of grunge sound in the sound. As a result, the song is overall a little slower than the rest, but that doesn’t make it worse, on the contrary: this excursion underlines once again the ability of the musicians to discover and mix modern and young genres.

The Hungarian thrashers aren’t that young anymore. After their founding in 1994, and the breakthrough that followed shortly thereafter, their style continued to change into modern directions, which was received positively by all fans. This ultimately made classification almost impossible. But the four of them don’t care at all. Why should this be any different, because success proves them right!

Ektomorf show with Vivid Black once again their will to break away from classic Thrash Metal and to discover and mix new genres. Ultimately, it is this refreshing mix of thrash, death and core that makes the album an extremely good work in the big world of modern music. 9 / 10

Line Up
Zoltàn Farkas – vocals, guitar
Sebastian Simon – Guitar
Csaba Zahorán – Bass
Dániel Szabó – Schlagzeug

01. I’m Your Last Hope (The Rope Around Your Neck)
02. Die
03. Never Be the Same Again
04. I Don’t Belong to You
05. Fade Away
06. You and Me
07. Vivid Black
08. The Best of Me
09. You Belong There
10. REM

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Facebook Ektomorf

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