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Elections in Uruguay: Mujica already has a candidate for president

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Elections in Uruguay: Mujica already has a candidate for president

Former President of Uruguay Jose “Pepe” Mujica already has a candidate for the 2024 presidential elections. The mayor of the city of Canelones, Yamandú Orsialready announced that he will run for the Uruguayan presidency next year.

This mayor is already one of those noted by the broad front, representing the Popular Participation Movement (MPP), within the historic progressive movement. This is the sector of the coalition that supported the different candidacies of Mujica.

“Today we face a great challenge: remove this government. Because what we see hurts us. You just need to walk our streets across the country. It hurts us that there are people who are left behind,” Orsi said in his first speech as a candidate for the presidency.

Yamamdú Orsi.

This definition arose in a Congress of the movement where Mujica, the former vice president and former senator Lucía Topolansky participated. Orsi is “as broad a figure as possible and beyond the FA”, which that it can “lead to what we all want, victory in 2024”Topolansky noted.

There, the mayor of Canelones warned about “the situation that the country is going through, with economic growth without a fair distribution of income and wealth, with increasingly uncertain future prospects for the broadest majorities”.

In his closing statement, the MPP pointed out that the necessary construction of “the alternative to the current coalition government” of the conservative president Luis Lacalle Pou, “must cover the largest number of people possible” and “committed to this broad, national and alternative construction, he understands it is necessary to accompany and promote the candidacy” of Orsi.

Pepe Mujica
Jose “Pepe” Mujica.

From the closing of the congress leaders of other internal currents of the FA participated, including the mayor of Carolina Cossealso indicated as a potential pre-candidate for the presidency, and Ariel Lima, mayor of Salto.

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In his speech, Orsi reviewed part of his time at the MPP and He stressed that “thanks to some colleagues present” he understood “the importance of the productive sector and rurality.”

He especially rescued the figure of Raul Sendicformer leader of Tupamaros, who “started for the interior when he thought that the accumulation was in every corner of the rural workers.”

Who is Yamandu Orsi?

The mayor with presidential aspirations is 55 years old, and has governed the Uruguayan department of Canelones since 2015. In the different reports he presents himself as a figure who seeks to give a renewing spirit to the Broad Front. However, he does not neglect the historical claims from Uruguayan left.

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This former history teacher in secondary schools, raised in an interview with Page 12 that the Broad Front “He did not know how to give space to other referents.” “We had 15 years of comfort, the three guys who scored best in the polls were our three.”

“I have to be prudent and do things very well in my department. I have been working a lot with Pepe (Mujica), we articulate a lot, but you have to be prudent and wait for the times”, complete.

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