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Electric cars, even the sun’s rays will help refills

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Not only in the South. Solar energy can play an important role in powering electric vehicles even in areas of Northern Europe. Despite the lower number of hours of light, in fact, electricity savings of up to 80% can be achieved, also promoting the circular economy. As? This is explained by the results of a new study presented by Eaton, a global leader in energy management, together with Equans, a subsidiary of Engie and a global leader in multi-technical services, and La Poste, the French postal services group. During a 12-month test at the Magny les Hameaux site in La Poste, in the Ile-de-France area, two electric vans were recharged under a specially designed photovoltaic roof during the hours of inactivity. built and connected by Equans to an Eaton energy storage system, and subsequently used to deliver mail following the normal delivery schedule. The test results – published by Eaton, Equans and La Poste in a case study – showed how self-generated solar energy provided a variable percentage each month depending on the climate. During the summer months, for example, the photovoltaic system and storage system were able to supply up to 80% of the vehicles’ daily energy needs. The storage system allowed this energy saving by storing energy during the day, while the vehicles were used for postal activities. In fact, the test was conducted without interrupting the site’s normal delivery schedules: the drivers simply parked the electric vehicles on site after delivering the mail and found them, the next morning, ready to leave with a fully charged battery. A central role in all of this was played by the intelligent algorithm of Eaton’s energy storage system, managing the energy flows and controlling the microgrid. The energy generated by the photovoltaic system was stored to be used in time of need, mainly to charge electric vehicles in the late afternoon or at sunset, but also to power the building, thus allowing economic savings, as well as a reduction pressure on the network and environmental impact. ” With the help of Eaton’s energy storage system, combined with the self-generation of solar energy, we are saving on average between 50% and 80% of the electricity required by our electric vehicles, thanks to the self-consumption of renewable energy derived from the photovoltaic system, ” said Jean-Louis Miegeville, project manager of the Information System Department of the services, post and parcel arm of La Poste. Furthermore, the use of “second life” batteries within the storage system, ie regenerating batteries previously used in electric cars, makes the project particularly interesting, promoting the circular economy.

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