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Electric Made in Italy: Pininfarina’s design on show in Hong Kong

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The made in Italy electric style is on display at the International MotorXpo Hong Kong. For the 2021 edition Pininfarina exhibits the latest born from the collaboration with the Hon Hai Technology Group, aka Foxconn, the Taiwanese multinational electronics company that produces the iPhone on behalf of Apple. This is the Model E, the sedan, full electric which, in honor of smartphones, uses facial recognition to open the doors. From today until Sunday 5 December the Model E will be on display in the Designer Zone of the Asia World-Expo in Hong Kong.

This is an important step in the collaboration between the Taiwanese group that will continue in the future. A technologically innovative luxury sedan capable of satisfying the needs of the medium-high range of consumers. A car that steers itself by showing its face through the phone screen. The rear seat space can be transformed into a dedicated mobile office, personal mobile devices are perfectly and totally connected to the car, allowing a series of intelligent applications such as opening doors with the face. The windows are also intelligent, as are the interfaces between the vehicle and its surroundings.

The Model E is branded Foxtron, the name of the joint venture between Foxconn and compatriot Yulon Motor to enter the car market with strength and, from the first cars, with a high level of technology. In addition to luxury and comfort, the Model E, with high performance and advanced dynamic control technology, delivers approximately 750 horsepower and reaches 0-100km acceleration in just 2.8 seconds, better than comparable models on the market. It also has a range of 750km to address the range anxiety of most electric car users. “We are very proud to show the Hong Kong Motor Show public a model that represents the best of Pininfarina skills and our vision of the future of electric mobility – comments Silvio Angori, CEO of Pininfarina. – Foxtron is the ideal partner because we share the same propensity for innovation and attention to environmental sustainability “.

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The car exhibited in Hong Kong was built in the Pininfarina atelier in Cambiano, just outside Turin. The Pininfarina design team was responsible for defining the style of both the exterior and interior, including the user experience inside the car. One of the main features is the intelligent surfaces on the front, side and rear of the vehicle, with which the vehicle communicates with the outside world. “Smart surfaces enclosed within beautiful shapes that show the power and sportiness of the vehicle and, at the same time, the elegance you expect from Pininfarina – underline from Cambiano – even in the interiors there is a combination of elegance and technology ‘avant-garde capable of creating something absolutely unique “.

Foxtron, in addition to the luxury sedan, has already announced and built in record time the prototype of an SUV, Model C, and an electric bus, Model T. The partner chosen by Foxconn, Yulon Motor, already has a power line called Luxgen and assembles vehicles for Japanese Nissan and Mitsubishi. Foxconn wants to enter the market from the front door: low costs, manufacturing centers close to the final sales markets and opening of points in both North America and Europe.


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