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Electric scooters, the first safe driving course in Vallelunga

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ROME – The phenomenon of electric scooters continues to spread. The number of users of this micro-mobility system is constantly growing with the risks and dangers associated with its casual use, also due to the lack of more stringent rules that inhibit its improper use.

The electric scooter is a more environmentally friendly means of individual mobility, there is no doubt about this, but it is still a vehicle driven by an engine which, albeit with a speed limited to 25 km / h, can cause accidents. dangerous for both drivers and other road users. Precisely for this reason, the first driving course for electric scooters has just been held at the Vallelunga racetrack, just outside Rome. The initiative was promoted by Link, a leading company in the sharing scooter service, present in the capital with 1,000 vehicles, in collaboration with the Aci safe driving centers and Sara Assicurazioni.

Electric scooters, the “close” arrives. Here are the new rules

by Graziella Marino

The aim of these courses is to train users to drive safe and respectful of all those on the road, but also to be aware of the vehicle being used. Among the practical tests carried out with the scooter, the participants learned to deal with a controlled braking, a straight to be covered following a white line drawn on the track and a slalom. Immediately afterwards they tried their hand at a test driving a car along a track that simulates impervious driving conditions because, as stated by Alfredo Scala, general manager of the Vallelunga racetrack, “the knowledge of the risks and the awareness of the vehicle that we drive is the same, no matter if we are on board a car, a motorbike or on a scooter; the philosophy is the same, only the medium changes ”.

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“Today we have given life to a real turning point in our sector – underlined Maurizio Pompili, Link’s operation manager – We are proud to launch, together with our partner Aci, the first nationwide safe driving course for electric scooters. Link, always attentive to the technological aspect, also wanted to lead the way in terms of road safety.

Long-term rental, electric scooters also arrive

The phenomenon of electric micro-mobility, which exploded especially during the last year, can no longer do without an education program aimed at users of the electric scooter in respect of all road users “. The next appointment with safe driving courses for electric scooters is set for next 10 June at the Aci-Sara headquarters in Milan Lainate. (mr)


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