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“Electric yes but also hybrid”, the move of Japan for 2035

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“Electric yes but also hybrid”, the move of Japan for 2035

ROME – Hybrid vehicles must be supported in the same way as fully electric ones, according to Akio Toyoda. According to reports from “Reuters”, the head of Toyota Motor Corp has pressured the Japanese government to officially clarify that it supports hybrid vehicles as much as battery electric ones. News of pressures from Akio Toyoda, who is also president of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (Jama) industry group, came at a time when the automaker is coming under criticism for slow implementation of battery electric vehicles in its range.

Akio Toyoda

Also according to Reuters sources, Akira Amari, a former minister of industry and veteran member of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), called for changes to the government’s annual economic policy roadmap to support hybrids, saying he spoke to Toyoda. . The final version of the government program included a reference to “so-called” electric vehicles putting hybrids on an equal footing with battery-powered vehicles, sparking controversy among environmentalists that there is a big difference between the two types.

The extra gear of hybrids. Here is the real Jolly of the transition

by Valerio Berruti

“I spoke to President Toyoda and he said Jama cannot support a government that rejects hybrids,” Amari told the policy meeting of LDP lawmakers, Reuters reported. The use of synthetic fuels would make the “100 percent clean energy” hybrid cars and the government should make it explicit – added Amari – If we do not clarify it, Jama will reject the program with all its strength. If we do not say that hybrids are included in the category of electric vehicles , it will not be a good move “.

It should also be noted that Amari confirmed to Reuters that he had requested the inclusion of the term “so-called” to clarify that electric vehicles were not limited to battery-powered vehicles and also included hybrids and confirmed that he had spoken with Toyoda. The final version of the government’s policy paper refers to Japan’s 2035 target of having all new domestic car sales consist only of “so-called electric vehicles” and specifically mentions in the main text that such vehicles include hybrids. . Will this be enough to definitively clarify the debated issue? We will see. (mr)

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