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“Elliott Erwitt” and “Chiostro in Fiera” at the Diocesan of Milan

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“Elliott Erwitt” and “Chiostro in Fiera” at the Diocesan of Milan

The exhibition at the Carlo Maria Martini Diocesan Museum in Milan curated by Biba Giacchetti is dedicated to the photographer “Elliott Erwitt”. 100 shots of the Master of the twentieth century, from those in black and white to those, less known, in color that Erwitt used for editorial and advertising works, from politics to society, from architecture to cinema and fashion.

Born in Paris in 1928 to Jewish parents who fled the Russian revolution, Elio Erwitz – this is his real name – grew up in Italy, France and Germany to arrive very young in New York where he still lives today.

Elliott Erwitt at the Diocesan Museum of Milan

Photogallery6 pictures


Dog e celebrity

Here are the famous photos of the dogs taken with a Rolleiflex using the viewfinder that allows you to look from above «I wanted to take the trouble to see things from their point of view». That Erwitt is the photographer of lightness and irony is a commonplace to dispel. His career has gone through 70 years of social and political change; his photographs tell some of the most relevant moments in modern history. I photographed John F. Kennedy in the White House, Che Guevara in Cuba and Nixon in Moscow. He worked with Marilyn Monroe, was present at Grace Kelly’s engagement.

City, children, complaints

Erwitt narrated Paris in black and white, between suspended mists and evanescent lovers, Rome between amazements and ruins, Madrid, New York; many advertising campaigns with the same idea of ​​”seizing the moment”. Children are a continuous subject: Colorado 1955, a child observes the photographer from a broken window of an old car; in Pittsburgh another laughs and points a toy gun to his temples. Unforgettable the denounce photographs like the one taken in 1950 in North Carolina: an African American drinks from a sink above it is written “colored”, in the one next to it “white”, discrimination dominates. A powerful image, Jackie Kennedy at her husband’s funeral, the desperate look behind the veil, the tears; in a corner of the photo Robert Kennedy seems to disappear in front of the pain of his sister-in-law.

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Until 9 October at the Carlo Maria Martini Diocesan Museum in Milan with the 24th edition of “Chiostro in Fiera”, an exhibition of high craftsmanship, admission to the Erwitt exhibition is free. “Chiostro in Fiera” was created with the aim of raising funds to be used for the financing and development of the museum’s cultural and educational projects. This year the fabrics will be the protagonists. Among the novelties, the presence of an artisan of Japanese culture.

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