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Embracing the Beauty of Life’s Encounters: A Symphony of Seasons and Serendipity

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**Life and its Encounters: A Beautiful Journey**

By Zheng Zongjun

In an eloquent reflection on life, author Zheng Zongjun emphasizes the beauty of encounters. Life, he says, is a tapestry of serendipitous meetings, constantly evolving with the changing seasons.

According to Zongjun, every encounter is a chance for introspection, a moment of unplanned connection. These encounters, he believes, are not to be sought, but rather seen as gifts and strokes of luck in the vast universe of existence.

Comparing encounters to music, Zongjun describes them as compositions that weave the symphony of life. He likens them to a gentle breeze, intertwining with the rhythms of the seasons and bringing a blend of emotions, from melancholy to carefree grace.

Further, the author describes encounters as flowing streams, joyfully singing as they meander through life’s tumultuous paths. Like a painted masterpiece, encounters are depicted with vivid colors and ink splashes, representing the splendor, charm, and intricate history of our existence.

Metaphorically, Zongjun views encounters as beams of light that illuminate the darkness and challenges of life, showcasing the resilience and ordinary persistence of human beings.

Describing the encounter as a downpour, the author evokes imagery of thunder and lightning, symbolizing both the pain and softness that life can bring. He likens encounters to a sip of tea, capturing the essence of life’s hardships and moments of pure pleasure.

Ultimately, Zongjun believes encounters are a destined fate, akin to stars that shine brilliantly in the night sky, coming together and parting ways, creating a beautiful celestial display.

The author concludes by highlighting the importance of cherishing each encounter, appreciating the shared journey through life’s different seasons. He invites his readers to smile at the future, to admire the distant mountains, and to pursue dreams together, creating poetry and beautiful lives.

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In this profound reflection on life, Zheng Zongjun reminds us that encounters are not mere chance meetings, but rather meaningful and transformative experiences. The magic lies in embracing these encounters, for they have the power to shape our lives in the most extraordinary ways.

*(Source: China Railway Construction Employees e-Home)*

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