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EMIL BULLS – Titeltrack des Albums „Love Will Fix“ it online

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EMIL BULLS – Titeltrack des Albums „Love Will Fix“ it online

EMIL BULLS, known for their dynamic presence in the alternative metal scene, are about to release their highly anticipated new album “Love Will Fix It”, which will be released on January 12th, 2024 via Arising Empire / Edel.

The record marks a bold step forward in her musical journey, combining her established sound with innovative elements that are sure to captivate both long-time followers and new listeners. Her commitment to evolving her music keeps her style fresh and captivating and ensures a strong connection with her audience. Today Emil Bulls introduce their latest anthem and title track from their upcoming full-length, “Love Will Fix It”: a vibrant track that celebrates the power of love to triumph over life’s challenges. The song poetically navigates the ups and downs of life, depicting love as both a journey and a steadfast anchor. Beyond romantic love, the song emerges as a universal anthem for friendship, self-love and resilience, emphasizing the ability to overcome, heal and survive adversity. The song’s uplifting spirit and mantra highlight the unyielding and transformative power of love.

Christoph von Freydorf (vocals):

“In this song we want to show that love is like a strong anchor and a resilient boat that gives us support in all storms and challenges. We believe in their power to conquer, to stay, and ultimately to fix everything.”

With the “Love Will Fix It Tour 23/24”, which is already reaching its first highlights with the home games in Munich on December 15th and 16th, the Emil Bulls are embarking on a journey of musical exploration and strengthening their connection to the audience. The tour serves as a prelude to the album release and is intended to present a revolutionary development of their sound. The new album will unleash a whirlwind of emotions, combining the raw energy of metalcore with a lyrical depth that speaks of repair, hope and the power of love.

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“Love Will Fix It” is now available to pre-order as a CD, limited colored vinyl, special fan box and special merchandise in the Arising Empire online shop.

EMIL BULLS – »Love Will Fix It«  Tracklist:

01. Backstabbers

02. The Devil Made Me Do It
03. Happy Birthday You Are Dead To Me
04. Levitate
05. Whirlwind Of Doom
06. The Ghosts That You Have Called
07. Love Will Fix It
08. Sick
09. She Ain’t Coming Home No More
10. Dreams And Debris
11. Oceans Of Grief
12. Together


»Love Will Fix It Tour 23/24«

15.12.23 DE-Munich, Xmas Bash, low tickets 16.12.23 DE-Munich, 24 DE-Wiesbaden 01/26/24 DE-Nuremberg 01/27/24 DE-Ulm 02/01/24 DE-Münster 02/02/24 DE-Hamburg 02/03/24 DE-Berlin 02/22/24 DE-Cologne 02/23/24 DE-Karlsruhe 02/24/24 DE -Kaiserslautern


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