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Empowering Women: Tong Liya Shines in ‘I Passed the Storm’ Theme Song MV

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“I Passed the Storm” theme song MV released, featuring Tong Liya’s emotional interpretation of tough women

Yesterday, the highly anticipated movie “I Passed the Storm” released the official music video for the theme promotion song of the same name. The song, sung by renowned singer Xu Jiaying and starring the talented Tong Liya, aims to shed light on the issue of domestic violence. Tong Liya’s emotional performance showcases the strength and resilience of women who have grown up amidst turmoil and adversity.

In the film, Tong Liya plays the character Xu Min, a successful woman who manages to balance her career and family life. However, she has been enduring domestic violence inflicted by her husband for a prolonged period of time. Despite her desire to liberate herself from the confines of an abusive marriage, Xu Min is constantly met with discouragement from those around her.

Screenwriter Qin Haiyan expressed his shock after conducting interviews on the topic of domestic violence. He stated, “There is a common misconception that domestic violence mostly occurs in rural areas or among individuals with lower education levels. However, our findings have revealed that this issue is prevalent among urbanites, including economically independent and seemingly strong women. Elite women often fear appearing weak and vulnerable, which leads them to hide this problem from others. Xu Min’s character was designed to shed light on this hidden phenomenon.”

The MV for “I Passed the Storm” features Tong Liya showcasing her incredible dance skills, exuding vitality and strength. Even in the face of adversity, Tong Liya’s performance reminds viewers of the unwavering power possessed by women who have faced and overcome hardships.

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The release of the theme song and MV has sparked conversations surrounding domestic violence and the strength of women. Many viewers have commended the film and its cast for addressing such an important issue and contributing to the ongoing discussion on gender equality.

“I Passed the Storm” delves into the complex issue of domestic violence, exposing its presence in all segments of society. Through the character of Xu Min and Tong Liya’s heartfelt performance, the film encourages society to recognize and address this hidden problem, and to support and empower the survivors who have managed to pass through the storm.

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