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Enchanting Fusion: Cello Meets Folk Songs in Vibrant Performance

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Enchanting Fusion: Cello Meets Folk Songs in Vibrant Performance

Cello meets folk songs, combining Chinese and Western elements to show vitality

On April 12, a stunning performance show filled with cello solos, string orchestra flash mobs, chorus flash mobs, and dance flash mobs took place in Nanning Vientiane City. This event marked a significant theme activity of the 2024 “Guangxi March 3rd Bagui Carnival” folk song street road show. By blending flash mobs, traditional folk songs, and modern dance, the show brought art and music to the masses, leaving many citizens and tourists in awe.

The performance kicked off with the familiar melody of “Jasmine Flower,” captivating the passers-by with its enchanting tunes. National costume-clad singers performed “Flying Song of the Earth” with such fervor that it earned rounds of applause. However, the highlight of the show was the children’s chorus, where numerous kids belted out popular tunes like “The Beauty of the Country”, “Red Sun”, and “Broad Sea and Sky”, warming the hearts of the audience.

The fusion of rich cello sounds, crisp piano music, and graceful dancing created a mesmerizing spectacle that drew exclamations from onlookers. The 15-year-old cellist Zhao Ziyang stole the spotlight with her captivating performance of “Random Thoughts of the Wild Goose,” transporting the audience to the vast prairies of Inner Mongolia. Attendee Xiao Wang expressed her amazement, stating, “The wonderful interpretation of Chinese and Western styles and the immersive performances are highly interactive and captivating.”

As the event came to a close with enchanting songs like “Flying Song of the Earth” and “Zhuang Toasting Song,” the Guangxi University of Arts Choir delivered a powerful chorus flash mob, engaging the audience in a lively and celebratory atmosphere. Huang Lijun, a choir member, shared, “Today’s scene is livelier than yesterday. The audience is enthusiastic, and the students are thrilled.”

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Wu Tingting, the chief director of Folk Song Street, explained the significance of the event, stating, “Folk Song Street showcases different themes and styles of folk songs, using various performances to bridge the cultural gap between Nanning and other provinces. Through the art of folk songs, we aim to strengthen cultural ties between China and ASEAN countries, making folk songs resonate louder and louder.”

The event was a resounding success, leaving the audience immersed in the beauty of Chinese and Western elements blending harmoniously on stage.

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