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Endeavor, New Journey, Drama Praise for the New Era “2022 National Drama Festival” will be broadcast in the beginning of spring-Qianlong.com·China Capital.com

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Endeavor, New Journey, Drama Praise for the New Era “2022 National Drama Festival” will be broadcast in the beginning of spring-Qianlong.com·China Capital.com

Source Title: Endeavor New Journey Drama Praise New Era “2022 National Drama Festival” will be broadcast in the beginning of spring

Anhui Satellite TV’s “2022 National Drama Ceremony”, planned and directed by the TV Drama Department of the State Administration of Radio and Television, will meet the audience at 19:30 p.m. on the beginning of spring (February 4). The theme of this grand ceremony is “Strive for a New Journey and Praise the New Era”, closely related to “Culture is the spiritual lifeblood of the nation, and literature and art are the horn of the times”, paying tribute to the 2022 National Drama. The main creators of high-quality Chinese dramas such as “The World“, “The Daughter of the Mountain”, “The Big Examination”, “The Bottom Line”, Qin Lan, Wei Daxun, Wu Lei, Guan Xiaotong, Zeng Li, Sun Qian, Mao Xiaotong and other hundreds of well-known actors, Sun Molong , Yang Yang and other powerful directors and creators shared their creative experience and behind-the-scenes stories on the stage of the National Drama Festival.

Integrity and innovation, model reshaping

This grand ceremony adopts the intensive tribute mode of the crew, and is divided into four chapters for content innovation and structural design, namely “Looking at the Great Changes in Development” – Praising the New Era, “Appreciating the Varieties of the World” – Warming the world with love, and “Seeing Inspirational Growth” —Come on for the future, “painting the style of struggle” —Wonderful and tens of thousands of lines, including the annual major era-themed dramas, popular realistic dramas, annual attention genre dramas and other new era masterpieces. A number of influential and appealing national dramas such as “The Big Exam”, “Our Ten Years”, “The World“, “The Wind Blows Pinellia”, “The Bottom Line”, “The Great Game”, “The Beginning” and “Menghualu” will be displayed in a concentrated manner.

“Portraits for the people, biography for the times”, these literary and artistic masterpieces of the times that will emerge in 2022, with vivid events of the times, lofty ideological connotations, and compact narrative structure, record the development footprints of the times, witness social development and progress, and contribute to the advancement of China Leave art archives and leave a fiery imprint on people’s lives.

Data Interpretation Trend Sharing

Anhui Satellite TV, together with Jinri Toutiao and the Institute of Journalism and Media of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, jointly launched the “2023 Chinese TV Drama Report – A New Era of National TV Dramas”. The high-quality development code of Chinese TV dramas provides a more favorable reference and guidance for the creation of Chinese TV dramas in 2023.

Based on the data of Toutiao.com and TV viewing data, the report concludes that “serious literary adaptations are on the rise”, “transmission channels are more multi-dimensional”, “classical literature “Adaptation conforms to the spirit of the times” and other conclusions will provide a solid data foundation for the creation of national dramas in the future. The report will be released on Toutiao and Anhui Satellite TV’s integrated media matrix on the day of the grand ceremony.

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Technology empowers innovation and integration

The red carpet show of this grand ceremony was broadcast live on the whole network, and VR live broadcast seats were added for the first time. More than 1.8 million people watched the red carpet of Chinese dramas through VR technology. “The sense of presence. The stage is covered with virtual AR scenes to create an immersive visual experience. The scene adopts the design of the corner screen, combined with the naked-eye 3D effect to break the conventional large-screen structure, with a full sense of visual perspective, creating a beautiful drama Dream China.

Before the grand ceremony was broadcast, it became popular, and the upsurge of communication has already formed during the recording stage. Anhui Satellite TV client, Douyin, Video Account, Weibo, Jinri Toutiao, Huya, Sina News, Baidu Video and other platforms broadcast live simultaneously, with over 12 million online viewers on the entire network, and 46 hot topics on Sina Weibo and other platforms. Real-time viewing on various network platforms exceeded 20 million.

Taiwan network linkage to create derivative IP

Anhui Satellite TV and Today’s Toutiao jointly created the “Strength Group” derivative column of the National Drama Festival. Through the data analysis of the Toutiao site, Huang Jue, Tan Kai and other powerful actors were invited to create video IPs to highlight the quality of Chinese dramas. The derivative program of this national drama festival will be broadcast simultaneously on Toutiao and Anhui Satellite TV. The program will focus on the group of “golden green leaf supporting roles” among the powerful groups with the theme of “small roles also have great light”.

Anhui Satellite TV’s “National Drama Ceremony” has been successfully held for thirteen sessions so far, becoming one of the most influential annual events in the field of Chinese TV dramas, and also the most differentiated and IP-communicating annual event. The IP of the National Drama Ceremony is constantly integrating and innovating, changing with the times and needs. In terms of content creation, it closely follows the theme of the times, expands new dimensions, opens up new patterns, and shows a new atmosphere and new look for the development of Chinese dramas.

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