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enigmatic message from Jey Mammon on social networks

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enigmatic message from Jey Mammon on social networks

Jey Mammon returned to Argentina yesterday and published an enigmatic story on his Instagram account today. It was not pronounced in networks since last month, when he published a video defending himself of the accusations.

Mammon’s turn came after the serious allegation of sexual abuse that weighs against you. Luke Benvenuto, the victim, had denounced to the driver.

In that context, Mammon showed his cat eating in a container that said “García López” and added a striking message: “You would be García.”

Jey Mammon had traveled to Spain with the idea of ​​”clearing his head.” Before your departure had given three interviews in which he always maintained that he is innocent.

The striking story of Jey Mammon.

Jey Mammon returned to the country: “I did not escape”

I came back because it is my countryBecause I’m going back to my house. I was away a few days I went to relax a bit and now I’m back. I did not go to reflect, I went to rest. Now that I’m back I have to order myself a bit to establish what I have to do and make it clear what the truth is. That seems to me to be the most important thing, with respect to this false accusation, of an event that did not happen”, declared Jey Mammon upon returning to the country.

I did not run away from the country. I went on vacationsI went to rest and see friends. Where else am I going to return if it is not Argentina and here I am. They will find out what comes from now on,” he added.

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