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Enrique Iglesias Sells Music Rights for Over $100 Million

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Enrique Iglesias Sells Music Rights for Over $100 Million

Enrique Iglesias Sells Entire Music Catalog for more than $100 Million

Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias has decided to sell his entire musical catalog to Influence Media Partners, a platform focused on investing in the recording and publishing rights of songs proven to resonate in pop culture. Although the exact amount received has not been revealed, sources close to Iglesias indicate that he received an amount greater than 9 figures, which translates to over $100 million.

In addition to owning all the musical rights of Enrique Iglesias, Influence Media Partners will also have the rights to the artist’s name and image. This decision by Iglesias puts him in the company of other notable artists who have also sold their musical catalogs, such as Shakira, Justin Bieber, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Bob Dylan.

Enrique Iglesias actively participated in the sale, according to Bloomberg. His manager, Fernando Giaccardi, mentioned that the singer’s catalog could have cost even more than what they received. The purpose of the sale was stated to be for mutual benefits for both Iglesias and Influence Media, and also to help position Spanish music and image to new levels.

Although Iglesias no longer has the rights to his songs, this does not prevent the artist from continuing to collaborate with other authors, releasing new songs or singles, and making compilation albums. Currently, Iglesias is on tour in the United States and Canada with Ricky Martin and Pitbull, and he also recently released a new song with Argentine María Becerra titled “Así es la vida.”

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Enrique Iglesias is among a list of high-profile artists who have chosen to sell their musical catalogs. Other notable deals include Bob Dylan selling to Universal for $300 million, Sting receiving approximately $250 million for his rights, and Bruce Springsteen selling his catalog to Sony Music for $500 million.

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