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Escend Blades, the electric skates to revolutionize micromobility

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Escend Blades, the electric skates to revolutionize micromobility

MILAN – The conquest of micro mobility is now the motto of numerous engineers and designers, who launch and juggle to design new vehicles dedicated to getting around the city, not just for commuters. We present the platforms created by the British company Escend, which electrified the two-wheeled skates Blades.

Built-in battery and compatible with shoes.

The Escend Blades are equipped with a 400 watt electric thruster on the rear wheel and a control panel. The replaceable integrated battery is 5200 mAh, is able to reach a speed of 25 km / h, recharges in four hours and has a declared range of 15 km.

Nothing has been left to chance, the wheeled platforms are compatible with standard skate shoes, whose adapters are usable with UFS or Trinity mounting systems and each vehicle on the scale weighs 3.7 kg. Through a wireless remote control, from the backlit display that shows all the functions of the platforms, in a synchronous way this gives the possibility to control, adjust the speed, the brake and be able to select the three driving modes available: Eco, Commute and Turbo, included reverse.

Info and costs

Skates can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter, starting at $ 665 for a basic set that can be used with shoes; while the other alternative is to buy them complete with boots. Escend Blades deliveries are scheduled for October.

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