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Eugenia Cauduro’s Emotional Farewell to Son Patricio as He Embarks on a Journey to Europe

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Eugenia Cauduro’s Emotional Farewell to Son Patricio as He Embarks on a Journey to Europe

Eugenia Cauduro Dedicates Emotional Words to Son as He Moves to Europe

Mexican actress Eugenia Cauduro has recently gone through several significant changes in her life. Notably, she has successfully shed 20 kilos to achieve a healthier weight and is currently enjoying a successful professional career at the age of 55. However, her family life is undergoing a bittersweet moment as she bids farewell to one of her two children, who has flown to Europe and will be separated from her for a while.

Cauduro took to her social media accounts to share a heartfelt message addressed to her son, Patricio, who is apparently going to stay in England. The actress, known for her roles in popular Mexican dramas like “The Abyss of Passion” and “Storm in Paradise,” expressed her love and wished him happiness in his journey. She did not specify the duration of their separation.

The accompanying emotional image showed Cauduro with her son, who is 19 years old and the result of her marriage to Enrique Morán. Alongside the picture, she wrote, “Wherever you go, my heart accompanies you. May you be very happy, my love. He flies high with those big, strong wings that were trained for 19 years. Life awaits you, have a good trip.”

Cauduro’s choice to include the heart emoji with the flag of Great Britain led to speculations that her son is going to study in the European country. Apart from the Instagram story, the actress also posted a longer message accompanied by a carousel of postcards depicting different moments between her and her son. These included playful times, riding motocross, and getting ready for rowing.

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“The time has come to hug you, give you my blessing, and let you fly,” Cauduro wrote in the message addressed to Patricio. “Spread those strong wings that I have been molding for 19 years so that today you can take your first flight by yourself through your own skies. You are a warrior with values and principles that I trust you will not compromise for anything or anyone. Fly high, my love, live and enjoy your freedom.”

She further expressed her confidence in her son’s abilities and encouraged him to embrace new experiences with security and fearlessness. Cauduro revealed that she had been by his side throughout the years, teaching him everything necessary for independence and enjoying life responsibly. She also emphasized the importance of carrying God in his heart and the love for Mexico that awaits him upon his return.

Cauduro’s weight loss journey has been a challenging one, and she recently opened up about it in an interview with TVyNovelas magazine. While she now sports a slender figure, she admitted that losing weight was not easy, but she achieved it when she became truly aware. The actress shared that she lost around 18 to 20 kilos rapidly, but the last 15 are proving to be more difficult.

Unlike her previous attempts, Cauduro did not rely on weight loss pills or undergo gastric bypass surgery. Instead, she made changes in her habits, such as eating at her own pace, drinking more water, and prioritizing relaxation and sleep. Cauduro also highlighted the impact of stress on weight gain, stating that it generates a hormone called cortisol.

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Despite the challenges faced, Eugenia Cauduro remains optimistic and continues to inspire others with her personal and professional growth. As she bids farewell to her son, she looks forward to witnessing his own journey unfold and the love and support that await him upon his return to Mexico.

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