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Eurovision, the complaints of environmentalists: the Valentino is a delicate park

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Eurovision, the complaints of environmentalists: the Valentino is a delicate park

TURIN. An “unacceptable choice”. Which risks “compromising”, or damaging, the greenery of a prestigious park, which has “already heavily worn lawns and trees”. And which will transform Turin’s most important hub into a «trade fair and commercial space», forcing «then the city to undertake costly restoration and extraordinary maintenance». The Coordination of environmentalist committees and associations for the protection and planning of greenery, which includes 19 realities close to the green world, thus defines the decision of the Municipality to transform the Valentino into the main Turin space for the collateral events of the Eurovision song contest, which will be held from 10 to 14 May at the Pala Olimpico, Piazza D’Armi area, four kilometers from the lung along the Po.

This is what they wrote in the letter sent to the mayor Stefano Lo Russo, to three councilors (Carretta for major events, Tresso for greenery, Purchia for culture) and to superintendent Luisa Papotti. A text signed by the historic activists Franca Elise and Emilio Soave, in which reference is made to the 4 editions of the Auto Show hosted at Valentino from 2016 to 2019, contested at the time by the green coordination: “We still remember the batteries of chemical toilets , stages, stands and overflowing waste bins ». This is why “we appeal to our Directors and to the Superintendency to have this choice rethought, identifying more suitable areas”.

At Valentino the Eurovision village: maxi-screens and stages for a 20,000-seat arena

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But the decision seems to have been made. At Valentino, near Corso Massimo D’Azeglio and Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, a large stage will be set up for the events surrounding Eurovision, and two maxi screens, from which the semifinals and final of the song contest can be followed live. The resolution approved the day before yesterday by the Civic Palace provides for this. An exhibition that will bring twenty thousand people to the lung along the Po. “Yet we are talking about a historic park”, underlines Franca Elise. And of a “prestigious environmental context”, we read in the letter, but also “delicate, which already under normal conditions proves to be subjected to excessive use”.

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The topic will shortly be discussed also in District 8. The Grillini councilors Raffaella Pasquali and Vittorio Francone will remind us how, according to article 9 of the Valentino regulation, the events authorized in that area must respect a series of poles . That is, they cannot “distort the use of the park’s pedestrian paths”, or “hinder access and use with fixed structures and architectural barriers” or “be in clear contrast with the historical-environmental characteristics of the park, distorting them with structures, advertising supports, tracks and parking lots “. “Are there planned – the two will ask with an interpellation – compensation works, intended as extraordinary maintenance interventions, on that slice of Valentino?”. –

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