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Evaluation of the love of life in the realm of Chinese painting – Zhang Huaicun_TOM News

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Evaluation of the love of life in the realm of Chinese painting – Zhang Huaicun_TOM News

Chinese painting is a main form of expression for Chinese painters to express their individuality, vent their emotions, and express their own pursuit and unique ideas. The tradition of Chinese painting culture has a long history, which can be traced back to the era of Gu Kaizhi, and it can also be observed today. Therefore, Chinese painting has a more unique charm and new artistic performance in the process of continuous inheritance, expansion and innovation. It seeks the sustenance and consolation of the soul in the distant and surging realm of China, and can also read the author’s profoundness from Chinese painting. Meaning and Cultural Expression. They use the brush and ink to express their feelings, and they express the poetic meaning on the tip of the pen, giving people enjoyment and yearning.

Chinese painting pays attention to the beauty of form, and the composition is not limited by time and space, nor is it bound by focal perspective, and the use of blank space is unique. The scatter perspective method (the method of moving far and near) is often used, which makes the field of view wide and wide, the composition flexible and free, and the objects in the painting can be arranged at will, breaking through the limitations of time and space. It is inconsistent with the composition of the so-called golden rule in the West. The evaluation and analysis methods of traditional Chinese painting generally respect six methods, namely, “one is vivid and vivid, the second is the use of the bone method, the third is the pictograph of the object, the fourth is the collection of the type, the fifth is the management position, and the sixth is the transfer and imitation”. It can be used when evaluating any works. But Qi Baishi is more than a few years old, but his writing is still vigorous, his thoughts are clear and accessible, and he is full of noble literati spirit.

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But different painters have different spiritual realms and artistic pursuits. By tasting Ms. Zhang Huaicun’s flower-and-bird ink paintings, she can more practically appreciate her strong pursuit of the realm of nature, her strong admiration for the innocence of innocence, and the uniqueness of being an artist. Creative insights and sentimental sustenance. From Mobei grassland to London, England, she devoted her whole life to advocating the cause of calligraphy and painting, and achieved outstanding achievements. Her works are full of poetic charm. Although her creative techniques have not yet been perfected, she can taste a strong sense of life from her poems and paintings. As she herself said, “I always feel that my works, whether Painting is still writing, although the technique is not yet perfect, but the pen is full of life interest.” Her calligraphy and paintings are also well-known internationally and have their own unique characteristics.

The lotus in her writing is calm and elegant in color and soft in lines, from which she can realize her unique preference for lotus. The ink color on the painting is not too heavy, and the lotus is more elegant and not competing with the outside world, giving people a soft visual effect, as if it is generally integrated with the character of the lotus, pure and magnanimous or dust. While experiencing the noble and beautiful lotus in her writing, I can watch the author’s own emotional depiction of the lotus. She also added a dragonfly to the lotus flower very delicately, which can combine movement and stillness, and the fresh breath of life and nature coexists. However, I also feel that the tranquility of nature is far away, which makes people feel impetuous.

Evaluation of the love of life in the realm of Chinese painting - Zhang Huaicun

Calligraphy emphasizes dots and lines, and painting also pays attention to the intersection of dots and lines. The use of dots and lines is the main way to evaluate an excellent painting. Looking at Ms. Zhang Huaicun’s paintings, not only does it infiltrate a strong sense of family and country, but also has a natural childish interest, but also adopts an innovative way of combining poetry and painting. Ms. Zhang Huaicun is an excellent painter and also an excellent poet. Her poems are filled with fresh and splendid childishness, and from them, she can also read out the free and easy Daoist look and feel, and traditional Chinese painting is generally closely related to Taoist metaphysics. Ms. Zhang Huaicun did not blindly inherit the ancient painting style, but combined the quaint flower-and-bird painting with modern poetry, so that it has strong characteristics of the times and integrates her own understanding. The depth and lightness of the lines, the rich color matching, and the poetry and prose have a unique personal flavor. It seems simple and concise, but in fact it is full of praise for the national flower.

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Evaluation of the love of life in the realm of Chinese painting - Zhang Huaicun

Her paintings hide her love for nature and express her nostalgia for life. She is known for her children’s poems, but she does not praise children’s fun in the old-fashioned way, but hopes to add suffering to children’s poems, to tell the compassion of the Chinese people, to promote the growth of children and enlighten their lives, and she has a very far-sighted realm. Showing her admiration for this era, the poems and paintings are full of rich emotions.

She inherits the ancient method but has creativity, and she embraces the vicissitudes of life in her childlike interest. She imitates the strengths of famous masters and has her own personality, such as flowers, birds, rain and mountains. Everything has a profound aesthetic meaning, which is her profound understanding of Chinese painting. Chinese painting is fundamentally different from Western paintings, in terms of techniques and realms, and at the same time, it is also influenced by Eastern and Western cultures. , so it is mainly based on realistic communication.

Evaluation of the love of life in the realm of Chinese painting - Zhang Huaicun

Therefore, she scheduled the exhibition at the Royal Moore Gallery in London, England. The exhibition will open at 18:00 on July 11th. During the preview period, 14 works have been collected by collectors. All the works sold in this exhibition will be donated by Ms. Zhang Huaicun to the World Cancer Charity Fund. The exhibition opened to the public on July 12 for two weeks.

At the same time, the solo exhibition “Zhang Huaicun’s World – Bloom” was included in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the UK by the Chinese Embassy in the UK.

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Mick David, chairman of the Royal Society of Arts, said that when he first visited the British Museum from rural Wales to London in 1966, the first thing he visited was the Chinese exhibition hall, and since then Chinese culture and art have become his favorites. Five years ago, he was honored to invite Ms. Zhang Huaicun, a Chinese-born artist living in the UK, to become an honorary member of the Royal Society of Arts, and to participate in the planning of Ms. Zhang Huaicun’s upcoming exhibition at London’s Mall Gallery in July. Chairman Meek also said that he was very happy to be invited to the launch of her new book, and considered her to be a testament to the good cultural relationship between China and the UK.

This exhibition is an opportunity and boost for the fusion and collision of the modern ideological trends of the East and the West. She hopes to use this to make Chinese traditional painting go out of the world and give us unique humanistic care and emotional appeal in a warm and distant way.

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