Home Entertainment Every family and other singers gathered in the New Year to welcome the Year of the Rabbit | Tizzy Bac | Mr. Mi | Cosmic Man

Every family and other singers gathered in the New Year to welcome the Year of the Rabbit | Tizzy Bac | Mr. Mi | Cosmic Man

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Every family and other singers gathered in the New Year to welcome the Year of the Rabbit | Tizzy Bac | Mr. Mi | Cosmic Man

[The Epoch Times, January 28, 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen) Tizzy Bac, Mr. Mi, Cosmic Man, and Jiajia musicians rarely put down their work and join hands to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. In the beginning of spring, they will challenge to write Spring Festival couplets. The new year is a good omen, and everyone writes down their exclusive New Year goals and auspicious words.

The band Tizzy Bac, who has just released the latest album “Human Error”, will hold the tour concert “From the Center of the Earth” in ZEPP Taipei on February 11th of the year, also cleverly took the homonym, and wrote “Knowing Grace’ Rabbit” with a brush Newspaper” and “Wantushuifu (that is, English One Two Three Four)”, wishing a smooth new year.

Yuan Qian, a member of the group, revealed: “Our New Year’s plan is not only a good tour, but the time is passing quickly. I can count on the fact that Tizzy Bac is getting closer and closer to the 25th anniversary of its formation. I started to think about what to do at that time. I hope that the shareholders of Tiezhi can celebrate with us together.”

The band Mr. Mo looked back at the “WE Our Ten Years” concert that brought the 10th anniversary of the formation of the army last year. They are preparing for a new album. “Wan Tian” and other popular songs live version.

In the new year, members Shenghao, Yinuo and Yifan respectively wrote “The front ‘rabbit’ and the back”, “The ‘rabbit’ misses you so much” and “Fulai rabbit gives music (that is, Fly Together in English)”, Looking forward to flying with fans in the new year. Zhe’an took the word “Zhe” from his name to seek double auspiciousness; Xiao B used the Chinese character “chun” in a big way, and even drew a cute little rabbit that fit the occasion, which won a lot of applause.

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In the second half of last year, Cosmoman successfully brought “Ideal State” to the North, Gaoliu and Taichung Legacy tours. He loves Cosmoman who meets fans face-to-face on the spot. He hopes to hold more concerts in the new year. Gather together.

Xiaoyu picked up the brush and wrote “Jade Rabbit Welcomes the Spring” in a chubby brush font, and at the same time quoted the lyrics of the song “Good Wild” by the Cosmic Man “Ming Ah Zai becomes a good wild” to wish fans a lot of money; Akui, who is good at wielding brushes, concentrated , raised his hand and slowly swiped his pen to write down the combination of “Zhaocaijinbao”. When they saw it, everyone exclaimed, “This is a Spring Festival couplet bought from outside!”

Jiajia just finished the birthday concert “Gently Make a Wish” at the beginning of this year, and returned to Taidong Nanwang tribe to gather with family and friends during the Chinese New Year holiday. In addition to the successful completion of the album recording wish, I also wish the fans all the best and predict that more concerts will be held in 2023.

And Mr. Mo and Cosmic Man will set foot on the European continent in mid-February of the year, and go to Sweden and the United Kingdom to sing. As the departure time gradually counted down, they also tensed their nerves to practice independently.

Editor in charge: Xin Youan

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