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Everyone agrees on the theater: “It should be named after Dino Crocco”

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OVADA. It is no longer just a proposal: the Municipal Theater of Ovada will be named after Dino Crocco, showman, journalist, accordionist, singer who died in 2010 at the age of 78 and who proudly carried the name of his city around the world.

This was decided by the City Council, with a vote that brought together the majority and the opposition, from which the official proposal came. With a motion by the councilor Angelo Priolo, also signed by the colleagues on the side, it was the Ovada Viva group that gave shape to an idea that was circulating and on which the council of the mayor Paolo Lantero, the other evening, explained that he was at the I’ve been working for a while. “Our vote is fully in favor and it is for three reasons – explained Deputy Mayor Sabrina Caneva -. The first is that Dino Crocco was the essence of ovadesità. Naming the theater after him is like naming it after all citizens. Second: a theater cannot be an elitist place, it must be a place for the people. No one better than Dino Crocco represents this spirit: an eclectic artist, able to create culture and entertain. And so will the Corso Libertà room, a place with social purposes as well. Third and final reason: emotion. For the Ovada people, the figure of Dino Crocco arouses emotions. Everyone has their own tied to him ».

Words that are added to those of Priolo, who recalled not only Dino’s career as a musician, especially the adventure with the famous Scooters that also brought him to London and South America, but also the social turning point, which began in particular after the Alexandria flood in 94. “With the Telecity microphone and broadcasts such as” Not to forget … “and, then,” Three minutes with … “, Dino turned on the light on many problems in the area” recalled the councilor by Ovada Viva.

The proposal in memory of the artist and journalist: “The Ovada Theater bears the name of Dino Crocco”

daniele prato

There is still no date for the title, but the process will start immediately, given that ten years have already passed since his death and that the approval of the artist’s family has also arrived, “who – as Caneva recalled – even when he was abroad, without provincialism he proudly said “I’m from Ovada” ».

It will also be a way to relaunch the room in Corso Libertà, which reopened in the autumn after ten years. The date of the Christmas Concert of December 19th is approaching, while the name of the manager is expected from the Province. “We are almost at the end of the path,” explained the councilor for Culture, Roberta Pareto.


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