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“Exchange Life” Lively Road Show Lei Jiayin Guangzhou “Xuan” Sha Sha-Entertainment-中工网

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“Exchange Life” Lively Road Show Lei Jiayin Guangzhou “Xuan” Sha Sha-Entertainment-中工网

Original Title: Lively Roadshow of “Exchanging Lives” (quote)

Lei Jiayin Guangzhou “Xuan” Sha Sha (theme)

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Li

On the afternoon of January 27, the Spring Festival movie “Exchanging Lives” came to Guangzhou for a road show. The director and screenwriter Su Lun, starring Lei Jiayin, Zhang Youhao, Sha Yi and Cao Tongrui appeared after the screening and communicated with the audience. Lei Jiayin, who has been “loved” by the audience, not only was invited by a young couple to reenact the romantic scene of “Rooftop Rotation” in the film, but also “showed off” a bottle of Sha Sha herbal tea presented by fans in public. The expression was out of control on the spot.

The movie “Exchanging Lives” tells the story of Lei Jiayin and Zhang Xiaofei who accidentally changed their bodies with the young Zhang Youhao after their blind date. Faced with the uncle’s face, the young man finally got his wish and became Zhang Xiaofei’s boyfriend. The film not only has a rare love element in this year’s Lunar New Year, but also has a lot of touching family scenes. The bond of family affection between the boy and the grandmother made the audience cry and red-eyed.

The first group of audience who spoke on the spot that day was grandma and granddaughter. The grandma spoke loudly, saying that she was very involved in watching: “The actors are so good! I laugh when you laugh, and cry when you cry.” The little granddaughter was even bolder, exaggerating on the spot that Youhao is “the number one in the world” besides her father. Second Handsome” and made an agreement with Zhang Youhao: “I will be a director when I grow up, please make a movie with me, okay?”

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A female audience member was still immersed in the plot when she got up to speak. She choked up and said: “After watching this film, I thought of my grandma, and I couldn’t stop crying.” Director Su Lun said to her: “Actually, when I was young, I told you Similarly, the relationship with grandma is very good, and grandma has given me a lot of love. I often feel that grandma’s love is like Yuanxiao, it is hot, and when I bite it, the stuffing will overflow sweetly. I I hope everyone can remember this feeling through this movie, and let it accompany us going forward.”

A couple watching a movie invited Lei Jiayin to share the sweetness with them by reenacting Lei Jiayin and Zhang Xiaofei’s “rooftop rotation” in the film. The three of them walked around the stage hand in hand, the scene was funny and warm. Lei Jiayin later shared that the filming of the scene in the film was not easy: “Xiaofei and I turned around, I turned with the photographer, Xiaofei turned with the photographer, and the three of us turned together…for a whole night!”

A male fan of Lei Jiayin brought Lusha herbal tea to the crew: “The national road show is very hard, and it will detoxify and nourish the skin for everyone.” Lei Jiayin joked: “If we can ‘show off’ in one breath, you can buy an extra one Ticket.” Unexpectedly, he just took a sip, and his whole face wrinkled: “This herbal tea really can’t be ‘shown’ easily!” However, he drank the whole bottle of Dasha herbal tea in the end. Quickly contained a fruit peel.

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The road show that day once again proved Lei Jiayin’s popularity among all age groups, and a whole family of audience expressed their love for him. Among them, the grandmother spoke a dialect that no one could understand. Her daughter helped her translate: “Mom said, this child is good-looking and has a round face. He is very lucky!” Good!” In the end, he took a photo with his family, and was ridiculed by the host as “it’s like visiting relatives during the Chinese New Year”.

Director Su Lun concluded: “In the last film “Cohabitation in Time and Space”, I gave you a candy; this time in “Exchanging Lives”, I made a bunch of candied haws for everyone, with a layer of sweet coat. In the middle is a sour hawthorn, chewing it should taste like the years. When everyone receives this bunch of candied haws, I hope that at that moment, they will feel like they are being treated like children.”

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