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Exciting supporting roles in group performances frequently come out

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  Original title: Wonderful supporting roles in group portraits frequently come out

Compared with previous dramas in which almost only the protagonist has overcome difficulties and reached the top all the way, this year’s TV screens have seen a lot of “stars shining” group portrait dramas, from the beginning of the year “Mountain Sea Love” and “Awakening Age” to the recent hit “Sweeping Darkness”. “Storm”, “Children of the Qiao Family”, and “Ideal City”, in these successful creations of character group portraits, the protagonists no longer have excessively prominent auras. Instead, many supporting characters shine with personality and light. The green leaves in the play Actors are often the first to win, but with supporting roles and even villain roles, they can occupy the C position in the eyes of the audience.

  ■Explosion style standard

  Supporting role arrests are frequently searched

Inventory of hot dramas in recent years has a characteristic: group portrait temperament-whether it is the colorful narration of the era or the magnificent historical picture, it can form a grand narrative structure in the group drama, and the supporting roles in the works are getting more and more grasped. People are more explosive. Exciting group performances and popular supporting roles have almost become the standard feature of popular dramas. For example, Secretary Dakang, Secretary Yuliang, Chief Prosecutor Ji, and Secretary Sha Ruijin in “The Name of the People”, Tang Jing, Chen Junsheng, Xue Zhenzhu, and Ling Ling in “My First Half of Life”, and Su Daqiang, Su Mingcheng, the supporting roles in these popular dramas are not inferior to the protagonist.

Over the years, the heroines and heroines on the screen have formed a patterned creation full of routines, and the audience has become less and less fresh. In contrast, group portrait dramas break the limitations of a single protagonist, which means that every important character in the drama has to be portrayed three-dimensionally as a “protagonist”. Counting down several popular dramas this year, a group of powerful actors in “Sweeping the Dark Storm” were “aponized” by netizens one by one; in “Children of the Qiao Family”, from the Qiao family’s “slag father” Qiao Zuwang to the top two , Sanli, Simei, all of them can rush to the hot search with their own stories.

The main characters in these plays are relatively balanced. No character has a very obvious protagonist’s halo. Many characters are shining with a light full of characteristics and individuality. This light no longer depends on the refraction of the protagonist, nor is it merely to set off the protagonist. At the same time, the setting, growth and final result of each character can become an independent main line, telling a complete story.

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In terms of character relationships, the differentiated settings of group dramas can produce wonderful drama conflicts. “Children of the Qiao Family” portrays the brothers and sisters of the Qiao family with different personalities, and creates character conflicts, value conflicts and emotional conflicts between the characters through the interactive relationship between the characters. As the male number one, Bai Yu played Qiao Yicheng in conflict with different characters, his own multi-faceted nature has emerged.

Multi-line cross narrative, three-dimensional and full life, rich and meaningful character relationships, and profound practical significance behind the characters. Such group portrait dramas enrich the audience’s experience of watching the drama, and also give many characters in the drama have the opportunity to play. Different audiences can also find the shadow of themselves or the people around them from the group portrait samples. This is the reason why group dramas are easy to have good dramas and good characters. Once there are supporting characters to become a hot topic, the work may be promoted to a national explosion.


  The villain is no longer a tool man

The just-closing “Storm of the Darkness” has raised doubts about the unfinished end of the work because of the anticlimactic work, but every character in the play is worthy of savoring, and the supporting role is no longer a facial tool. For example, the ruthless character Da Jiang has a “contrasting cute” pink thermos cup and “plastic English”, and the police station director Hu Xiaowei’s blood pressure monitor. The settings of these character details and emotional details make the character capture the audience as soon as the character comes out, and the villain is brilliant. It is a major feature of “Sweeping Dark Storm”.

In “Sweeping the Dark Storm”, the two villains, He Yun played by Wu Yue and Hu Xiaowei played by Sun Hao, have a gray tone. As the deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of Luteng City, He Yun is a complicated, two-faced person. She is a calm and capable official, a pre-trial expert who is considered to be an unshakable woman in the eyes of everyone, and an umbrella for evil forces. And He Yun’s mother-like closeness and love to Lin Hao and Huang Xi also shows that the characters still retain the ideal background. As the director of the police station, Hu Xiaowei was also a conscientious and good policeman, doing practical things for the people in the area under his control sincerely. However, for these two leading cadres, one was unable to face the unbearable pain in his heart, step by step towards the abyss; the other was unable to abide by the principles and fell into the quagmire of human sentiment. They are all one step and one wrong step, the “guard soul” gradually changes color in their hearts, and the characters are struggling between people and “ghosts”.

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He Yun and Hu Xiaowei represent different types of problem cadres, each with typical significance. In fact, among the actual officials who have fallen from the horse, the essence is not bad, but the overwhelming majority are eventually lost due to various temptations. “Sweeping the Dark Storm” uses abundant pen and ink to portray the villain, and conveys to the audience that there are no natural evil people, only living people, so that we can see the distance between an ordinary person, even a person with good intentions, and “evil”.

The common villains in domestic dramas are usually just functional characters. They are “troublemakers” and plot engines. The characters are often “bad” with no roots, and “black” far-fetched, which makes people feel suspended. “Sweeping the Dark Storm” focuses on independent and clear character logic in the creation of the villain’s role. Even the heinous Sun Xing, his evil has its origin and destiny. Sun Xing is a illegitimate child. The mother gave birth but did not raise, and the father raised but did not teach. He lacked maternal love and was unprincipled indulging him. As a result, Sun Xing grew up “alone” and became a psychologically distorted “giant baby”.

It can be seen from works such as “Sweeping the Dark Storm” that have a strong warning flavor, compared with the stereotyped representation of facial characters, the more complex and three-dimensional the villain character is to be shaped, the more thought-provoking, thus enhancing the realistic meaning of the work.

  ■Green Leaf Actor

  Only with precipitation can be remembered

Marshal, who has only four episodes in “Sweeping the Dark Storm”, is just a clue to the role, but the actor Ning Li has the same good reputation on the Internet as the starring Sun Honglei, and some viewers even make a special trip to follow the drama because of Ning Li. . In the short scenes with Sun Honglei in the play, the rather calm face and a few subtle expressions can explain the characters clearly and impressively. Ning Li, who has played countless small roles, made his debut for nearly 30 years before he was recognized by the audience through the web drama “Undocumented Crime”. In “Undocumented Crime”, he created the creepy reverse smoking law of the character Li Fengtian. Today, “Li Fengtian” is still the most memorable character in many viewers’ hearts.

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In recent years, actors like Ning Li who rely on supporting roles in film and television dramas, but who are the first to win the hearts of the audience, have emerged in an endless stream. Behind this seemingly “four-two-thousand-thousand” recognition is the accumulation of experience and experience of the actors over the past few decades. precipitation.

In “Ideal City”, the actor Li Chuanying portrays a cunning but up-to-date construction company owner so well. Many viewers were taken away by his open and close performances and rich body language when he followed the drama. In another group drama “Installing the Stage” that was aired last year, Li Chuanying played “Uncle Scar”, which is also a character with few scenes, but his expression alone can be hilarious.

Li Chuanying made his debut for decades. Before he became familiar with the audience through “Installing the Stage”, he was a teacher of the line class of the Acting and Directing Department of Shanghai Theater Academy. In order to reflect the market atmosphere of “Uncle Scar”, Li Chuanying recorded Shaanxi dialect casually during the filming of “Zhuangtai”, corrected his southern language logic, and added some vivid mantras to the characters. In his words, “put a leaf of greenery”. To the smallest detail”.

In the flow of the film and television industry in recent years, many stars are vying for rankings and are unwilling to be others’ “foils” in the posters of their works. But for a real actor, the role is not big or small, and there is no absolute “main” and “match”. Precisely because of this, these well-remembered Luye actors have won the C position in the hearts of the audience by virtue of their professionalism, not the amount of drama. (Reporter Qiu Wei)


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