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EXISTENT – Stiller Held

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EXISTENT – Stiller Held

Stiller Held
(German Rock | Modern Metal)

Label: Drakkar Entertainment
Format: (LP)

Release: 09.06.2023

This album has been a long ride through years of ups and downs and that title is certainly not a shitty phraseMarcel Drummer

The new album “Stiller Held” by EXISTENT already lives up to its name on the cover: a person painted black, showered with gold paint, stares at you with a piercing gaze and his mouth sewn shut. From the artwork I already knew what to expect on the new album: Socially critical statements with powerful melodies!

Criticism of the world and the prevailing society

The first track “Kein Paradies” already keeps the promise of the cover and starts right away with a powerful guitar riff. Then Marcel Dummer starts with his incredible, rough voice and sings about the – literally bitterly ill – world. A world in which man is driven by hate and false ideologies. A world that is not paradise. The song is rounded off with the closing words of a newsreader:

For some of them, any help comes too late

No question, the EXISTENT guys have already raised the bar for the following songs with this number. But clearly not high enough for the five guys: With “Alles Brennt” they have managed to create a rock composition in which I can let myself go because the hard – but coordinated – rhythms of the drums, guitar and bass catch me . The vocals and content of the song also give me a hand to get up. To stand up to rebel against the imposed and negative prevailing social structures and to contribute to building a better world.

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Silent heroes, stand up and raise your voices!

The title song “Stiller Held” got under my skin from the first second: Introduced by captivating guitar riffs – followed by the penetrating chants and the catchy beats of the drums and bass – the song unfolds its full space-consuming size after about a minute :

Because you are all that matters. What you do, what you live for. A silent hero that no one sees, you make the difference!

This passage of text gives me an impulse to get up on the spot, to stand up for ideals of solidarity and to step out of the shadow of the silent hero. And to prepare myself for the following number “Scream”! With this song I just can’t keep my legs still, but have to dance and – at the latest at the point where Marcel screams – scream my own frustration out loud. But my personal highlight in this song is the beat of the drums, which reminds me of (my) heartbeat and shows me that it is worth fighting – even in difficult times.

Do good with melancholy

In addition to hard sounds, there are also quieter songs on the new album, in which the singing – in addition to the usual roughness of the voice – has a melodic-melancholic effect. Above all, the number “Der Last Rest” hits me with the sound of the instruments and the heavy voice right in the heart that it almost moves me to tears. The text then really does the last rest and the first tears make their way down my cheeks. But despite the sentimental impact, this song encourages you to look forward and let the past be bygone.

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With a gentle guitar lick and subtle drums in the background reminiscent of raindrops, the track “Stimme” initially gives the impression of being a quiet number. But the song only unfolds its true potential after almost 45 seconds: Powerful beats suddenly make themselves heard! And intrusive vocals convey the message that too often if you let the negative voice in your head control you too much, you get in your own way.

Fall with a certain charm

The track “Willkommen im Untergang” greets its listeners with an almost cheerfully euphoric sound and singing to the downfall. Plus, it really makes you think! And to round off the album properly, the final number, ‘Untergang’, is an outro. Dramatic effect is given to this track by accompanying the sustained speech with theatrical piano melody, lending it its charm.

Conclusion on the album “Stiller Held” by EXISTENT

I can’t find the right words to describe the album in all its glory or to do justice to the guys’ talent. But I am sure of one thing: the album builds more and more tension with every song, as if it were telling a story. And the moral of the story is that the unsung heroes among us should raise their voices and make their voices heard. And the new – and album of the same name – by EXISTENT is the perfect groundbreaking tool for this!

Tracklist „Stiller Held“:

1. No paradise
2. Stiller Held
3. ScreamS
4. Everything is on fire
5. Stories
6. A&R (SCH)
7. Existing sucks
8. Anything
9. The Last Remnant
10th voice
11. Welcome to Downfall
12. sinking
Total playing time: 40:34

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EXISTENT - Stiller Held EXISTENT - Stiller Held EXISTENT - Stiller Held EXISTENT - Stiller Held

EXISTENT - Stiller Held
EXISTENT – Stiller Held
Marcel Dummer (Vocals)
Julian Jung (Guitar)
Fabian Kaposty (Guitar)
Jonas Mensing (Bass)
Silvano Vincenti (Drums)
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