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EXIT EDEN – Femmes Fatales

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EXIT EDEN – Femmes Fatales

Femme Fatales
(Symphonic Metal)

Label: Napalm Records
Format: (LP)

Release: 12.01.2024

The three self-proclaimed “Femmes Fatales” EXIT EDEN consisting of Clémentine Delauney (VISIONS OF ATLANTIS), Marina La Torraca (PHANTOM ELITE), Anna Brunner (LEAGUE OF DISTORTION) and Amanda Sommerville (TRILLIUM) came together in 2017 and released this with their angelic voices Cover album “Rhapsodies In Black” in the same year. Although Amanda is no longer part of the project, the remaining three women are now following up with “Femmes Fatales” and, in addition to other cover songs, are also offering their own compositions for the first time.

In the background, among others, Hannes Braun (KISSIN’ DYNAMITE), who wrote most of the songs together with Anna, as well as guest singer Marco Hietala, while none other than Jacob Hansen mastered. Unfortunately, the label didn’t tell us who else can be heard on the instruments here, but you can tell that they can only be full professionals.

Covers like “It’s A Sin” (PET SHOP BOYS), “Poison” (ALICE COOPER) or “Separate Ways” (JOURNEY) work well, have been well adapted into symphonic metal and are definitely pleasing due to the strong vocal performance of the three front singers wonderful, but they are no revelations when it comes to adaptation. In addition, with the soulful and pathetic opener “Femme Fatale”, the haunting “Run!” with a strong performance from Hietala and the final and driving piece “Elysium”, there are also skilful original compositions that are immediately catchy with lots of details convince and show that you should perhaps concentrate more on this in the future.

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EXIT EDEN is an interesting and entertaining project that should definitely please fans of the genre and the vocal performance of the women involved. But Clemy, Anna and Marina don’t deliver anything new or surprising.

Tracklist “Femmes Fatales”:

1. Femme Fatale
2. It’s A Sin (PET SHOP BOYS)
3. Run!
4. Separate Ways (JOURNEY)
5. Buried In The Past
6. Disenchanted (MYLÉNE FARMER)
7. Dying In My Dreams
8. Poison (ALICE COOPER)
9. Alone (HEART)
10. Hold Back Your Fear
11. Kayleigh (MARILLION)
12. Elysium
Total playing time: –


EXIT EDEN – Femmes FatalesLineUp:Clémentine Delauney (Vocals)Anna Brunner (Vocals)Marina La Torraca (Vocals)Guests:Hannes Braun (Songwriting)Marci Hietala (Guest-Vocals)6.5…Buy on Amazon{“@context”: “http://schema.org/”,
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