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Experience Unparalleled Comfort and Elegance with Loro Piana’s New Cocooning Collection for Men and Women

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Experience Unparalleled Comfort and Elegance with Loro Piana’s New Cocooning Collection for Men and Women

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In the autumn and winter of 2023, the Loro Piana Cocooning series returns for the first time with a new men’s series, interpreting knitted underwear in a tailoring style, which is comfortable and soft, like a hug, demonstrating extraordinary quality and innovative spirit. This collection also adds a sensual element, which for Loro Piana means exclusivity and softness in many forms, flowing and loose cuts that highlight the innate elegance of style and allow you to enjoy the warm touch like a hug.

The collection uses colors that are natural rather than dyed, embodying a casual attitude while retaining all the precious properties of high-quality fabrics, such as Aircash, a cashmere yarn that is close to the skin and comfortable, light and slender yet extraordinarily Warmth, and Cashmere Fleece, a new 100% cashmere knit fabric that has been carefully crafted and interpreted to provide the finest texture. The women’s collection features raised stripes, sophisticated waffle stitching and fine ribbing in varying thicknesses, accentuating shorts and pullovers with crew necks or dropped shoulders.

Loro Piana

The Cocooning women’s collection ranges from cycling pants made of precious cashmere knits to other styles made of terry fuzzy silk fiber, all in bright cream colors and harmonious styles. The burgundy-toned stretch wool jumpsuit can be worn with a Baby Cashmere tight-fitting short pullover to add a strong autumn and winter atmosphere.

The Cocooning men’s clothing series includes sweaters, pullovers, trousers and other items, all made of Aircash or cotton, cashmere and wool blended fabrics. The texture is soft, the fit is loose, and the silhouette is comfortable yet refined.

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In addition, the collection also includes Aircash cashmere socks and leg warmers and Cashfur cashmere home boots, which are premium to the touch and comfortable to wear. Cashfur cashmere is blended from Loro Piana’s high-quality cashmere and the same delicate silk yarn, showing warm Cocooning tones. The texture is as soft as fur and is light and environmentally friendly. It is a tribute to Loro Piana’s high-quality cashmere.

Loro Piana

Each product exudes a pleasant sense of comfort – this is Loro Piana’s eternal pursuit, coupled with high-quality raw materials, elegant volume and skillful use of color, it can be said to be the epitome of Loro Piana aesthetics, but also for personal life Brings a refined and timeless elegance.

The release of the Cocooning series also includes an advertising campaign shot by photographer Alasdair McLellan and directed by stylist Aleksandra Woroniecka. Models Valentin Humbroich, Rebecca Leigh Longendyke, and Mona Tougaard are depicted in the new season Cocooning series. In a warm embrace, a group of friends spend time surfing together and enjoying a warm winter day.

Loro Piana

In addition, Chinese actors Ma Sichun, Zeng Li, and Zhang Linghe also gracefully appeared in style blockbusters wearing the new Cocooning series. They walked casually in the corner of the sea, met Leisurely, stretched freely in the warm sea breeze, and presented a relaxing atmosphere of exploring the inner journey in the quiet nature. It highlights the Cocooning series’ pursuit of excellent quality and a free and unrestrained wearing experience.

Starting from October 12, 2023, the Loro Piana 2023-2024 autumn and winter Cocooning series will be available at designated Loro Piana boutiques, Loro Piana WeChat flagship store and loropiana.cn.

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