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Exploring Realism in Film: Changchun Film Festival’s Forum on Discussing the Drama and Seeking the Fundamentals

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Changying Film Theme Forum Focuses on Realism in Film Creation

Changchun, China – On August 30, the 18th Changchun Film Festival’s film theme forum, titled “Drawing Strength from Traditional Culture and Promoting Realistic Film Creation,” took place in Changchun. The forum aimed to discuss the role of films in promoting traditional Chinese culture and explore ways to create better and more excellent films that reflect the deepest spiritual pursuits and value ideals of Chinese culture.

In recent years, films have become an effective tool for disseminating and showcasing traditional Chinese culture to the world. Numerous outstanding works have been released, captivating global audiences with the charm of Chinese culture. Understanding the significance of drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese culture, filmmakers in China have made it their conscious pursuit and mission to express and inherit the profound cultural heritage through the medium of film. The forum delved into how to better express national culture, emphasize local perspectives, and create exceptional films that resonate with global audiences.

Huangfu Yichuan, the president and editor-in-chief of “Contemporary Film” magazine, stated, “The most important aspect of realism-themed films is their ability to connect with contemporary audiences. Achieving emotional empathy with the audience is crucial for artistic expression. It requires creators to immerse themselves in life and discover unique emotions from the characters.” Huangfu emphasized that the process of creation is not static but involves continuous exploration. Creators must deeply understand the era they live in and study history to improve their artistic expression.

The “On the Base of Drama” forum, organized by Changying Group and established in January 2020, aims to enhance the competitiveness and depth of script creation. It strives to make scripts more meaningful and reflective of the times, emphasizing both ideology and artistry. During each session of the forum, films that have received significant acclaim, especially commercial blockbusters with prominent themes, are selected and discussed. The 31st session of the forum, held on August 30, witnessed the participation of scholars, screenwriters, and writers from both inside and outside the province, expanding the level and depth of the discussions. The forum serves as a platform for theoretical and intellectual support, contributing to the prosperity of film creation. Playwrights who attended the forum expressed their hope that Changying Group would leverage the historical, contemporary, and regional resources of the Northeast to produce more visually appealing films in the future.

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The forum was guided by the Jilin Provincial Film Bureau and hosted by Changying Group Co., Ltd., Jilin Film Association, and Changchun Normal University. It provided a valuable opportunity for filmmakers, scholars, and industry experts to gather and exchange ideas, ultimately contributing to the growth and enhancement of Chinese cinema.

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