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Exploring the fashion biographical film “Gucci: The Murder of Giants” from the costumes in the play | HYPEBEAST

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Directed by Ridley Scott and starred by Adam Driver, Lady Gaga, Jared Leto, the biographical film “Gucci: Murder of the Giants”, adapted from Sara Gay Forden’s book “The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed”, tells the story of Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) greed for wealth and power, which gradually led to the destruction of the Gucci family, and eventually the husband and wife turned each other into enemies and became a murderer. This time, through the perspective of Adam Driver (playing Maurizio Gucci) and Jared Leto (playing Paolo Gucci), the fashion masterpiece and character personality will be discussed from the costumes in the play.

As the subject of frequent collaborations with the Gucci brand, Jared Leto only appeared in his Los Angeles “Love Parade” show earlier this month. Nevertheless, when it comes to the film and his relationship with the brand, Jared Leto said: “They are two completely different things. I believe many people will be shocked by the story of the Gucci family. As far as I am concerned, I have worked with this brand for seven years, and I still don’t know that such dramatic conspiracies and conspiracies have occurred in this family. murder.”

“One of the great parts of being an actor is learning about moments in time.”

On the red carpet, the relatively conservative and classic Adam Driver was the opposite. Before interpreting this role, he had nothing to do with the brand (currently the spokesperson of Burberry’s latest perfume advertisement). “I also don’t know anything about this history. I didn’t know until the script came to me,” he added: “One of the keys to becoming an actor is to keep abreast of the moments, and director Ridley Scott can almost be called a historian. I think a great movie Producers are people who have interests, which makes them and their work unique and diverse.”

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In the movie, you can see that Lady Gaga perfectly digests all kinds of retro and gorgeous costumes. Jared Leto and Adam Driver also show the character of the characters through the clothes in the play. For example, Paolo Gucci’s suit-unique lavender corduroy and brightly colored plaid, suggesting the difference between him and other members of the family. “Our excellent team has turned characters into reality through these eye-catching collocations,” Jared Leto said. “My identity just pushes everyone to go further, using colors and other designs to interpret Paolo’s extremes. Because he is a radical and enthusiastic person.” He who claims to be a “methodist” often incarnates as a character as best as he can. This time, in addition to costumes, he also combines bald makeup effects and prosthetic props to present Paolo “absolutely” Crazy”.

The suit used by Adam Driver tells a different story: from a reluctant heir to a ruthless boss. “This time the costume is in charge of Janty Yates. He has worked with Ridley Scott from the time of “Gladiator”. We discussed and referred to the slightly awkward and elegant physical movements of British actor Cary Grant.” Adam said. “Clothing has helped a lot in character positioning. In the segmentation of the movie, Maurizio Gucci wanted to be himself from the beginning, and the dress when he was away from Gucci was very academic and loose; in the middle, he began to become his own. When you recognize the person you must be, you gradually become stiff and tight; in the end, the clothes tend to be relaxed again.”

The movie “Gucci: Murder of the Giants” combines the elements of opera in a flashy style, exposing the bloody murder that ended in tension among the members of the Gucci family. , Interested readers must continue to pay attention.

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