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Exquisite and rich life experience——Reading the poetry collection “Variation of Sunshine”-Xinmin.com

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Exquisite and Prosperous Life Realization——Reading Floating Bing Poems “Variation of Sunshine”Fly into the homes of ordinary people

Turning to “The Variation of the Sunshine” by the poet Floating, it seems that you can touch some kind of long-lost tradition. It is as if the snow mud hung the claws, swimming the heart to the emptiness, maybe we can trace the cultural phantom behind it from the evolution of free poetry, from the history of many other genres of ancient and modern interpretations. The entire collection of poems presents a nuanced, secretive and subtle ideological form to some extent. The author projects the subtle and subtle emotional waves of the heart one by one on the short lines of life comprehension style, and finally aggregates into a poem that is knowledgeable and contains wisdom and wisdom. .

Unlike long narrative or epic grand poems, Floating Bing handed over a complex collection of short poems. The poet’s vision is more focused on his own life experiences and moods. Modern Chinese poetry has always borrowed expressions of Western poetry. The concept of “free poetry” has always been in the western poetry tradition, and its main characteristics include “short-line writing”, “colloquial”, “light rhythm”, “thinking” and so on. Floating ice’s writing style should be said to learn from free poetry, but thinking about the inner phase is quite reminiscent of other literary elements in traditional Chinese literature. Literary writing has always been subjective and random, and each writer has his own different preferences and gifts. Writing in the same style as “Small Pints” often appears to be observant, refined and restrained, but most of them are full of philosophical insights. Many poems in this book are indeed interesting. For example, “Orange Chau Tou”:

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A passion that never dissipates

Standing on the piercing tide

Pointing the country:

Slapped, ancients

Poor pulse

Inspiring, comer


Emotion, reason, scenery, and history are all blended in the cross. The whole poem may seem short, but it is stretched and flexible, and it contains more profound meaning. Following the Chinese aesthetic tradition, this seemingly divergent and intangible description of words requires not only hard work but also the empowerment of the poet’s own endowment, which is definitely not learned by imitation alone. Chinese literature has a set of its own continuous and orderly traditional forms. However, after entering the 20th century, it has often been criticized by Western literary theory circles and is considered to lack systematic theoretical support. In fact, Chinese literature has never lacked its own theoretical framework. And background. For example, among modern scholars, we can undoubtedly see the subtle relics of this point-and-note criticism method in Mr. Qian Zhongshu’s Hongfu writings. The beauty of writing Chinese characters is that everything can be included in poems, whether it is literary viewpoints, sentimental philosophy, or auspicious light-like life insights, poems can be regarded as their subjectively corresponding externalized forms and word carriers. Floating’s “Variation of the Sunshine” can be said to be an intent to find the all-encompassing essence of life in order to construct its various forms of poetic practice.

As a poet, Floating Bing’s brushwork is simple and clear. When describing things and the world, he rarely uses flashy and gorgeous vocabulary, and more uses a brushwork close to line drawing to express his life that he has reached his heart and is deeply comprehended. Emotions. The author’s writing perspective seldom stands from the perspective of the bystander or the third person, and is always able to consciously blend with the image of the object written at the tip of the pen, quite the air of forgetting the thing, and strive to achieve a condensed, elegant, and restrained Language effect.

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A wise poet naturally possesses a strong expressive power of language, and he will never exhaust his energy. MH Abrams once proposed the four elements of literature: works, universe, writers, and readers are connected to one another. Writing comes from the writer’s cognition of the world, and ultimately must complete the final sublimation and enlightenment in the reader’s reading. The so-called beauty of the rhyme of poetry first originates from the author’s textual communication and emotional vent, and then it may be further spread and sublimated by the reader as the perceiver. Abrams also believes that readers’ resonance and empathy are the finishing touches to the final promotion of the artistic conception of the poem. Because writers with different creative tendencies emphasize the authenticity of the world, there are huge differences. Some people emphasize the reality designed in the writer’s mind, while others emphasize the objective reality reflected in the work, which is close to the true nature of nature. It is believed that what literary works create is actually a kind of “second nature”.

Therefore, this “Variation of the Sunshine” is actually a literary practice in which the poet is dedicated to reconsidering the world of life, learning about things, cultivating both body and mind, and interacting with the reader’s mind through abstract thinking and understanding. The distinctive features of Drift Bing’s poems lie in his precise configuration of imagery words and simple and simple text forms, which constitute a unique stylized rhyme. Perhaps, the poetry style in “Variation of the Sunshine” is showing the interweaving of the poet’s psychological state and life style. It is no longer a simple superficial depiction of the world’s emotions, but a continuous display of his own spiritual character. Find a suitable element and a form of empathy. A condensed and appropriate language image can form a unique charm, which is essentially supported by the multiple cultural backgrounds behind the language image. It is not only influenced and infiltrated by historical culture and literary tradition, but also closely related to the distinctive personality, endowment and aesthetic orientation of the poet. The context and charm that a certain cultural image can convey usually exist in a specific culture, which is one of the reasons why poetry cannot be fully translated into another language in general. Cultural barriers may correspond to the barriers of understanding, which in turn affects readers’ perception and comprehension of words.

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The romantic creation method is based on the theory of expression. It believes that art comes from the human heart and emotions, and the author’s inner emotions are projected on the selected images, and finally presented in the form of literary writing. Abrams’s “Mirror and Lamp” undoubtedly provides a demonstrative mode for finding a certain balance between the critical theory of emphasizing humanistic care and emphasizing the close reading of the text. He likened a heart that perceives the world to a “mirror” and also a “lamp”. The “heart” is not only a reflector of external things, but also an inseparable part of the external things. And the book of poems on Floating Bing may more or less reflect the adherence to and practice of such a cultural thinking. (Yang Binhua)

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