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F1 heroes, spectacular photos and memories for a great history of motorsport

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There are photos that are a dip in the heart. Memories triggered by a gallery of spectacular, intimate, highly intense images. In a nutshell, this is the content of “F1 Heroes”, the book by Ercole Colombo and Giorgio Terruzzi, The first master of photos, the second of words. Together they traveled on a journey, narrating the Formula through the Motorsport Images archive.

Year by year, cycle by cycle, team by team, character by character. The idea is a winning one, and it is also a useful book for explaining what Formula 1 is to a child – or a neophyte – who approaches it for the first time.

From black and white images to pro Black Lives Matter gestures, the nearly two hundred pages tell the evolution and the great moments of the circuits.

There are not only captions, which accompany the shots. There are pages that are pieces of history, and that serve – useful – to reflect and to remind us what a passion is, what moves us and excites us in life.

Hunt with a cigarette, Zanardi with his wife, Schumacher kissing Corinna. Even a Lauda pleased with Maradona. These are just some of the images of a book that should not be spoiled. But browsed with love. Because it is a gift, and it will not disappoint you.


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