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Famous pharmacologist Zhang Anzhong’s deceased daughter Chen Chong sends a long essay in memory of Chen Chong

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Original title: The famous pharmacologist Zhang Anzhong passed away, and his daughter Chen Chongfa wrote a long article to remember

Famous movie star and director Chen Chong and mother Zhang Anzhong.Chen Chong Weibo Picture

On the morning of December 11, the famous movie star and director Chen Chong posted a message on his personal Sina Weibo account to reveal the news of his mother’s death. Public information shows that Chen Chong’s mother, Zhang Anzhong, is a famous pharmacologist, and Chen Chong’s grandfather is Zhang Changshao, the founder of Chinese pharmacology.

In November 2009, the Chinese Pharmacological Society commended the older generation of pharmacologists who have made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese medicine. Zhang Anzhong (Pharmacy Department of Shanghai Medical University) was among them.

Chen Chong recalled in the article: “My mother was diagnosed with lymphoma in February this year, and I rushed to Shanghai on the evening of New Year’s Eve. When I left at the end of May, she survived chemotherapy and her condition improved a lot. Mid-Autumn Festival My mother also got together with a few old classmates. The picture shows her smiling face. But at the end of September, she was admitted to the hospital due to severe infection and mild heart failure. I flew back to Shanghai again in early October. I never expected that I had just left. She left in three weeks.”

“The last time I was with my mother, we were sitting side by side in the ward, and I was hurriedly replying to emails with my mobile phone. After that, I felt my mother was looking at me, so I told her that this is work, and I will be fine right away. She started to pat my legs lightly, as if she was comforting me, and sang a lullaby:’Go to sleep, baby, your mother is by her side, in your dreams you will get gifts, sugar and cookies as you like Pick, when you sleep, I will take you to the temple…’ She patted my hand deformed due to rheumatoid arthritis, but still so gentle, my eyes are moist, I can’t help putting down my phone and humming with her. This is the first song in my memory. I was about three years old. Lying on my parents’ bed, the outline of my mother was vague in the dim light. Only her temperature, breath and soft singing voice were swirling… The psychedelic moment is my earliest experience of beauty.”

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Chen Chong recalled: “My brother and I like to chat with my mother, and often talk to her on the phone when we are not together. She would tell me about the music she was playing or the books she was reading. My mother’s reading range was very wide, including Chinese and English books. I read a lot—from medical literature to best-selling novels. There are bookshelves on two walls in my parents’ home. When she was seventy-eight or nine years old, she read Nabokov’s “Lolita” and was shocked. Excited, I sighed on the phone. I never thought that a book could write about the essence of human beings and desires like this. Humans are really a tragic animal. I was speechless, and at the same time I felt proud-not always Personal mothers will have such brilliant reactions after reading “Lolita.” Slowly, as the mother’s amnesia deepened, our calls became shorter and shorter. She asked as soon as she heard my voice, When are you coming back? After a few conversations, she will ask again, “When are you coming back?”

“Starting about eight years ago, my mother gradually lost her memory, and I felt that she was gradually losing her. Humans are actually memory and time, two invisible and intangible things. We eat and drink Lazard to sleep, support the body, and let memory and Time has a place to stay. There is no cure for senile amnesia. I can only find time to visit her. On my mother’s 85th birthday, my brother and I were in Shanghai to accompany her. We know that she likes to sing about old men from the Soviet Union and the United States. Song, I put music on the phone for her to sing. My mother has a good sense of music and has a beautiful singing voice. She is still accurate at the age of 85, and her pronunciation in English and Russian is also round. She completely forgot about it during lunch. It was about singing in the morning, but she kept humming those tunes that day and was very happy. Perhaps the last thing that disappeared from the memory was the feelings and music.”

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“Music is the link between mother and memory. As long as she has strength, she will not stop singing, Irish folk songs in the 1920s, Chinese and American pop songs in the 1930s and 1940s, Soviet songs in the 1950s, and 60s and 70s. She took turns singing the Chinese revolutionary songs of the 1950s. It reminds me of those old-fashioned jukeboxes in roadside coffee shops, bars or billiards rooms that I saw in American movies. You put a coin to choose a song, and it starts. Sing. She told me a few times that you know how to sing this song, and we sing it together. I said, I would appreciate it if you sing it. I missed the tone, it was too ugly. She said, this is just right, we will sing the song together. . She is a person with a sense of humor.”

“I opened the video of my mother’s piano performance 15 years ago. It was a piano competition broadcast by Oriental TV’s “Wonderful Old Friends”. The judges were Kong Xiangdong, Liu Shikun, Chen Gang, Shi Shucheng and Su Bin. In the preliminary contest, my mother played “Nightingale”. The total score is 99.256. In the final, she played “The Virgin” with a total score of 98.866, and won the first place in the senior group. Her mother did not perform for anyone, just as serious and pious as playing the piano at home, just for herself and God , For joy and purification. The applause of the audience suddenly pulled her back to the scene, and when the judges gave her a shy smile. It was a familiar expression. Every time I praised her for singing or playing well, she would I smiled with a blushing face. Recently, someone asked me what I think about the popular term “girly”. People refer to the smoothness of the skin and the collagen under the skin. But when I heard that word, I immediately thought of my mother. The purity and truth of the corrosion are more’girly’ than many girls I have seen.” Chen Chong recalled.

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