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Famous singer Shen Qing died unexpectedly in a car accident, known as “folk poet” | Daily Economic News

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Famous singer Shen Qing died unexpectedly in a car accident, known as “folk poet” | Daily Economic News

“Do you know the taste of missing someone, like drinking a glass of cold water… Do you know the taste of loneliness, loneliness is because of missing someone… Do you know the taste of pain, pain is because of someone you want to forget”… … Since then, our hasty and noisy youth has come to an end because of him.

On the evening of May 23, the reporter of “Everyday Business News” learned from multiple channels that the lyricist and well-known singer Shen Qing, the lyricist and well-known songwriter such as “Loneliness Is Because of Missing Who” and “Youth”, died unexpectedly in a car accident at the age of 52.

On Weibo, many people posted their condolences to the musician known as the “folk poet”. In 1992, Shen Qing, who was still studying at China Agricultural University, composed and sang the campus ballad “Youth”. The youthful confusion and flying thoughts of teenagers flowed in the melody and words, and also flowed into the hearts of a large number of people. This college student from Leshan City, Sichuan Province was known to more people and started his musical life.

Image source NetEase Cloud Music Screenshot

Tan Fei, a well-known film critic, used lyrics to cherish the memory of this musical genius in the circle of friends. Tan Fei said in an interview with every reporter on WeChat on the evening of May 23: “I think he is the voice of the era in the (last century) 90s. His voice reminds me of the era of fluttering white clothes, which is also our green years. He is only 52 years old, and he is such a talented person…”

On NetEase Cloud, Shen Qing’s singer profile reads: “I owned my first guitar at the age of fifteen, and began to try writing songs at the age of seventeen. Obsessed with Jin Yong’s martial arts world, I was deeply influenced by Luo Dayou’s music.”

Today, the folk poets have stopped singing, like youth is gone forever.


Directing the musical postponed due to the pandemic

Missing the premiere

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Shen Qing’s last Weibo was on April 25, when he reposted a promotional Weibo about the musical “Su Dongpo”.


Shen Qing’s last Weibo Image source: Screenshot of Shen Qing’s personal Weibo

It is understood that the musical “Su Dongpo” is written, composed and directed by Shen Qing, with the national first-level director Chen Jun as the executive director, and starring Li Xiang, Li Ke, Li Weipeng and others. According to the official Weibo, the play was originally scheduled to premiere at the Beijing Tianqiao Art Center Grand Theater from May 4 to 8, 2022. However, due to the impact of the epidemic in Beijing, the original performance was announced to be postponed on April 29, and the return date has not yet been determined.

Shen Qing said on Weibo that he wrote 18 songs for the show. According to the introduction of the play on Damai.com, Shen Qing composed new compositions for 9 of Su Shi’s masterpieces, including “Shui Tiao Song Head • When Will the Bright Moon Be There” and “Nian Nujiao • Chibi Nostalgia”. In addition, Shen Qing also composed 9 songs including “Songfeng Pavilion” and “Wutai Poetry Case”.


Promotional photo of the musical “Su Dongpo” Source: Official Weibo

As a musician, Shen Qing made his mark as early as in college. The “Youth” created by him is the collective youth of a large number of people, and it is also a classic work in the school ballad trend in the 1990s. Musician Kochifu wrote on Weibo: “This is my youth. Neighbors are doing well, thank you.”

Before this, although Shen Qing did not frequently stand in the spotlight. But as a musician, it has always been on the road.

In 2015, Shen Qing released the song “The Lover of Barkhor Street” with Wei Xueman, and then released “Wild Fire”, which he wrote and composed. This song is also known as one of the best folk songs in 2015. In the comment area of ​​NetEase Cloud Music, a netizen named “Abu 16” commented: “Twenty years later, the voice, the voice with experience, the vast background, still has the background color of gathering and separation. I think that Shen Qing goes back and forth. What he is looking for is an abstract refuge in the depths of time. Perhaps, all the bright fireworks are on this road. Perhaps, his favorite feeling is on this road.”

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In the works of the great poet Su Dongpo, Shen Qing may have felt some resonance across time and space. In March 2021, Shen Qing completed the composition of Su Dongpo’s lyrics “Butterfly Love Flowers Spring Scenery”. He said: “I really like this poem. The lazy and full of vitality of spring, the reckless youth that never regrets, the regret and satisfaction in the passing of good times, so subtle and indescribable, only I can sing.”

Today, this beautiful musical is facing a pity, and the chief director who hatched it has no chance to see the premiere in person.


Start a record company

Courage to safeguard music intellectual property

In the personal authentication column of Weibo, Shen Qing has two positions for himself, one is a musician, and the other is the general manager of Yunshang Music.

In 2014, Shen Qing released his personal single “The Last Radio Love Song”. In the same year, he established Beijing Yunshang Music Co., Ltd., which was positioned as a new record company founded and managed by senior musicians. According to Qixinbao, in November 2014, Yunshang Music completed the A round of financing, and the investor was NetEase Capital. At present, Shen Qing holds about 67.55% of the shares and is the legal representative of the company. The other shareholder is Guangzhou NetEase Computer System Co., Ltd.

With multiple identities as both a musician and the general manager of a music company, Shen Qing is also particularly sensitive to the chaos in the music industry.

In 2017, Shen Qing was covered by contestants in “The Voice of China Season 3” and “The Voice of China Season 4” without authorization because of his work “Lonely Is Because of Missing Who”, and transferred Shanghai Canxing Culture Communication Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as “Chanxing Production”) to court. Shen Qing asked Canxing to jointly compensate Zhejiang Radio and Television and Tencent for economic losses of 5 million yuan and related rights protection expenses.

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“Loneliness is because of who I miss” was included in “Campus Ballad 1” released in 1994. Image source: Douban

The dispute has aroused huge attention in the music industry. Shen Qing said in an interview with the media that year: “Because the advertising fees of this program are all open, I think 5 million is not too much.” In the era of constant copyright disputes, Shen Qing, who has the courage to protect the intellectual property rights of music, is undoubtedly the Containing the chaos in the industry has contributed to its own strength.

The dispute has passed, and Shen Qing also continues to walk on his musical path.

In NetEase Cloud, the playlist of Shen Qing’s personal homepage is public. “To the youth that will eventually pass away” is Shen Qing’s 2021 annual playlist. In this highly popular work, the lyrics read: “To the youth that will eventually pass away, you say I can’t escape. To die is to be forgotten.”


Shen Qing’s 2021 NetEase Cloud annual playlist Image source: Screenshot of NetEase Cloud’s personal page

Tan Fei said: “Everyone will hope that the talented people in this world can live longer, but now his song has become a masterpiece.”

The people of Sri Lanka have passed away, and Shen Qing’s name may be less and less mentioned, but the excellent musicians will live in the works for a long time. As in the song “Times” written by Shen Qing in 1997, the lyrics are written, “Open the old letters again, and then sing the old songs, the words are still familiar. It remains in our hearts and spreads in the dreams of other places.”

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