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Fans admit the wrong person Li Wenhan dumbfounded – Guangming Daily

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(Beijing, 7th) The fan admitted to the wrong person and was complained by the idol himself.

In 2019, he participated in the talent show “Youth with You”, the captain and lead singer Li Wenhan debuted with the limited group UNINE. A few days ago, he was rehearsing for the CCTV Literary and Art Festival Spring Festival Gala. Many fans waited at the venue early in the morning. The idol wearing a hat and a mask appeared, immediately took out a camera to take a photo, and immediately uploaded the “Photo of Li Wenhan at work” to Weibo. Unexpectedly, after seeing the post at 2 pm, Li Wenhan responded to the fan with his account and asked: “Who is this?” Pointing out that the person in the photo is not him at all.

It turned out that Li Wenhan’s fan group had misidentified his idol. In fact, he had not entered the venue until the afternoon, but he saw that the fans were already posting his “work photos”, and some even diligently found a full set of clothing brands, which made him Can’t help but leave a message: “The speed of the grill is too fast, I haven’t even appeared yet.” He was still jealous when he saw a fan’s PO writing “Baby is covered so tightly” and even questioned: “Your new Baby?” The fans were so scared that they apologized and begged for mercy. Netizens later found out the truth. It turned out that the “wrong person” was 27-year-old actor Zhang Wanyi. Last year, he performed the roles of Chen Yannian in “Awakening Times” and Qiao Erqiang in “Children of the Qiao Family”.





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