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Fans shocked by Megan Fox’s facial transformation: “What happened?”

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Megan Fox fans are concerned after a photo appeared on Instagram from the Super Bowl afterparty. It can be seen that Fox’s face has been “extremely transformed”. There was a whole storm of reactions under the photo.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce ran into another famous couple at the Super Bowl: Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. The couples decided to take a photo together, which appeared on MTV’s Instagram page yesterday. There the audience paid a lot of attention to Megan Fox.

The comments include things like “What happened to Megan?”, “I had to read the comments to find out it was Megan Fox” and “She ruined herself.” A comparison is even made with Kim Kardashian.

Rumors have previously circulated that the Transformers actress had had some changes made to her face. She is said to have already addressed her eyelids, nose and jaws, among other things. She also received lip fillers and had her skin lasered, all for a price tag of approximately 45,000 euros. (rovn)

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