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Fantasy romance drama “Please!”Eight Hours” started broadcasting Xiao Yan as Bai Wei, a talented fighting girl-Qianlong.com.cn

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Fantasy romance drama “Please!”Eight Hours” started broadcasting Xiao Yan as Bai Wei, a talented fighting girl-Qianlong.com.cn

Source Title: Fantasy Romance Drama “Please!”Eight Hours” started airing Xiao Yan as Bai Wei, a fighting genius girl

Directed by director Ding Yangguo and starring young actors such as Xiao Yan and Tong Mengshi, the fantasy romantic drama “Please!” 8 Hours” logged into iQIYI and officially started broadcasting. The play tells the fantasy and sweet love story of Ye Tian (played by Tong Mengshi), the president of the great god, who is trapped in the Pangu system and is in crisis, and Bai Wei (played by Xiao Yan), the first sister of virtual fighting, starts to rescue. Bai Wei, played by Xiao Yan, is a fighting genius girl. She has a beautiful appearance and a lively personality. She has both a domineering cool side and a quirky and cute side. The audience’s sights turned on the drama chasing mode one after another.

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“please! 8 Hours presents a story where the virtual world and the real world are intertwined. It integrates various elements such as science fiction, fairy tales, and sweet pets to bring the audience a double-identity love that travels through time and space. In this play, Xiao Yan can switch freely between ancient and modern costumes, with a high ponytail that is sassy and capable, and everywhere reveals the aura of the fighting god “Sister Wei”; The spirit is daring and courageous, bringing the charm of extreme contrast in the transformation of ancient and modern times. And Xiao Yan’s cuteness and agility fit perfectly with the character, and she also vividly interprets Bai Wei’s lively, vigorous, and clever character traits.

As a post-95 floret, Xiao Yan left a deep impression on the audience with her beautiful appearance and vivid performance. She once played the roles of Juxiang and Yueniang in “Little Nyonya”, interpreting the character’s indomitable life. Not only did she receive unanimous praise from the audience for her acting skills, but she also won the New Actress of the Year Award at the National Drama Festival for her wonderful performance in the play. She is the soft, cute and well-behaved Qin Zhiyan in “Swagger”, the righteous and courageous female reporter Bai Youning in “Republic of China“, the lively, lovely, affectionate and righteous Xiaoqing in “Legend of the New White Snake”, and the “Half Honey” Xu Li, who dares to love and hate in “Half a Hurt”, focuses on acting, and each work has witnessed her growth. She also portrays each character vividly, impressing the audience with natural and real performances, and gaining recognition. In the future, Xiao Yan will also meet the audience with “People on the Mo Shangru Yu” and “Nanyang Daughter Love” waiting to be broadcast, so stay tuned.


The “eight hours” fantasy journey has already started, remember to meet Xiao Yan at iQiyi every night at 19:00, and feel this cool and sweet love together in the virtual and real!

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