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‘Farmer seeks wife’: Niels and Robbe have already chosen their chosen ones

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From left to right: Branko, Wesley, Robbe and Joffrey. — © vtm

Separating the wheat from the chaff. At Boer zkt Vrouw this happens very early this season. For both farmer Robbe in Sweden and Niels in Gierle, a select group had to be chosen from the group of interested parties.

Sunday March 3, 2024 at 9:37 PM

Niels Van Crombruggen (32), the dairy farmer from Gierle in the Kempen, was visited by a pack of ladies on his farm. He felt the most connection with Lisa (27, Sint-Michiels), Astrid (26, Sinaai) and Sylvie (36, Olen). They were immediately allowed to move into Niels’ brand new home, which he built himself. His house clearly lacked a feminine touch, but in the following days there were enough opinions and hands to turn it into something cozy.

From left to right: Astrid, Niels, Lisa and Sylvia. — © vtm

Farmer Robbe Ceelen (29) came to our country especially from faraway Sweden for a group date with all kinds of interested men. The remaining trio can already pack their suitcases, because a plane ticket to Sweden has been booked for them. In the next episode, Branko (23, Emblem), Wesley (34, Sint-Truiden) and Joffrey (25, Dilsen-Stokkem) go to Robbe’s dairy farm (who comes from Rijkevorsel, ed.) in Föllinge.

Farmer Sanne (33) also had men passing by in large numbers on her property, but she cannot announce her choice until next week.


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