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Fashion and design forerunners of made in Italy innovation

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Fashion and design forerunners of made in Italy innovation

There were many stone guests at the second day of the Made in Italy Summit organized by Sole 24 Ore and Financial Times, in collaboration with Sky Tg24, followed on 5 October by 9,500 users connected in streaming. The most cumbersome among these guests – who will also be present on 6 October, the third and final day of the Summit – was certainly the cost of energy, in the (bad) company of inflation and international geopolitical tensions.

But the managers, consultants and representatives of banks and institutions who participated demonstrated, by telling their respective stories and rattling off data, that the Italian production system is in good health and that it is facing the most difficult global economic situation of the last twenty years (or perhaps after the war) strong in its fundamentals.

That is: manufacturing capacity combined with an evolving artisan know-how, also thanks to the digital revolution; creativity and ability to innovate that pervades every aspect of our country’s economic activities; flexibility inherent in the national character and in the SMEs that make up the Italian production system; last but not leastawareness of continuing to invest in environmental and social sustainability, to implement true innovation, that is the epochal turning point that every inhabitant of this planet needs and that must be shared by citizens, companies and institutions.

To explain the importance of the textile-fashion-accessory (TMA) chain was Ercole Botto Poala, at the helm of Lanificio Reda and Confindustria Moda, the federation of associations in a sector, the Tma, in fact, which in 2019 had touched the one hundred billion in turnover and which has almost recovered those levels.

“No other country in the world has a supply chain like ours, made up of big brands that everyone knows and thousands of SMEs who right now need attention and solidarity”, said Botto Poala, hoping that the next government will address first of all the theme of dear energy.

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