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Fei Xiang: Embracing Age and Living Life to the Fullest at 62

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Fei Xiang: Embracing Age and Living Life to the Fullest at 62

Fei Xiang: At the age of 62, he still maintains a good figure and lives a better life than young people

2023-12-08 17:41:53 Author: Yao Liwei

The famous artist Fei Xiang recently shared his thoughts on age on a show. Although he is 62 years old, he is not worried about his age. He said: “I am getting older, but I cherish the life experience that time brings.”

Fei Xiang revealed that although he was full of energy and passion when he was young, he values ​​the life experience he has accumulated now. These experiences have made him more mature, stable, and better able to deal with various challenges in life. He frankly stated that he was not willing to go back to his youth because those experiences were more valuable to him.

Fei Xiang is one of the representatives of Chinese pop music and has achieved great success in his music career. However, when his career was at its most prosperous, he chose to leave the public eye and go to Broadway to seek a broader stage. This decision surprised many people and caused his fans to lose news about him for a while.

Fei Xiang took root on the stage for seven years and became a successful Chinese-American lead singer on Broadway. This was also his self-breakthrough. Now, at the age when ordinary people retire, Fei Xiang has returned to the public eye again with his excellent acting skills and figure, so Fei Xiang is probably someone who will never be affected by age.

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Fei Xiang said in an interview: “I am old, I am 62 years old,” but now is the happiest stage in his life. “This is the most incredible time in my life.” His starring role, Shang Wang Yinshou, is the No. 1 “King Zha” in the “Fengshen Boy Group”. Fei Xiang has experienced a year and a half of internship in the crew. The “devil training” of martial arts, horse riding and fitness.

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