Home Entertainment Feng Xiaogang went to the United States to settle and clear Weibo. He warned: the Cultural Revolution will come again | Feng Xiaogang settled in the United States | Feng Xiaogang cleared Weibo |

Feng Xiaogang went to the United States to settle and clear Weibo. He warned: the Cultural Revolution will come again | Feng Xiaogang settled in the United States | Feng Xiaogang cleared Weibo |

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Feng Xiaogang went to the United States to settle and clear Weibo. He warned: the Cultural Revolution will come again | Feng Xiaogang settled in the United States | Feng Xiaogang cleared Weibo |

[NTDTV, Beijing time, October 31, 2022]Just after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the video of the well-known mainland director Feng Xiaogang settling in the United States was exposed. At the same time, a video of Feng Xiaogang’s previous conversation was also circulating on the Internet. He once warned: “The Cultural Revolution will come again!”

Feng Xiaogang went to the United States to settle down and clear Weibo

Recently, some foreign netizens uploaded a video on Twitter to reveal that Feng Xiaogang and his wife have settled in the United States, and also exposed his mansion in Los Angeles.

The video footage shows that Feng Xiaogang and his wife Xu Fan came out from the house to send guests off.

Xu Fan, who was an actor, appeared without makeup, hugged and said goodbye to his friends enthusiastically, with a bright smile on his face. Feng Xiaogang didn’t say much and stood silently by the side.

According to media reports earlier, Feng Xiaogang purchased a mansion in Los Angeles for US$5 million as early as 2014, and in 2018 he purchased another mansion worth US$6 million.

Feng Xiaogang did not respond to the news of his settlement in the United States for the time being, while his Weibo account with 22 million followers showed “no content for now”.

(Screenshot of Feng Xiaogang Weibo)

Weibo netizens were hotly discussing this, “this gentleman’s thoughts”: “Feng Xiaogang’s generation should be the people who understand China best, so if you have money, go out early, and clearing Weibo is also a public statement of your attitude!”

“Jin Jin said shares”: “The big director can be said to be very personal. He will open up when he disagrees with the world, and he will be neat. This time the operation is very intriguing. Immigrants don’t need to clear Weibo. Looking at this situation, I’m afraid I won’t come back to make movies in the future. Like?”

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“Li Zhifeng_0826”: “It seems that the rumors that Feng Dao moved to Los Angeles and lived with his wife Xu Fan in his later years are not groundless. After earning enough money in China to immigrate abroad, I can’t say anything about them. I feel good when I clear the content of my personal account. Unexplainable, is it the Great Escape?”

“Three Thousand Viet Cong 2022”: “Feng Xiaogang and Zhang Yimou are getting rich, and more and more rich people are getting rich.”

Feng Xiaogang: The Cultural Revolution is bound to happen again in China

When the news of Feng Xiaogang’s settlement in the United States was being circulated, a video of his speech on the talk show of Hong Kong’s Phoenix Satellite TV was also going viral on Twitter.

Feng Xiaogang said in the program that under the rule of the CCP, the Chinese people have a mentality of hating the rich, and he believes that the possibility of another Cultural Revolution is very high.

“I always think that it is very likely to come again, and the Cultural Revolution is not like the past. I will put up a sign for you, slap you, fight you, and this time I will definitely kill you. I will let you overturn the case, I will let you The case cannot be overturned.” Feng Xiaogang said.

He said that he kept warning those rich and famous people around him to be prepared in various circumstances: “Just wait, now it’s ‘anti-Japanese’, and it will turn into ‘anti-rich’ in the future… rush to In your villa area, you smashed your home and took your belongings.” (click to watch the video)

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20th Party Congress ends China’s wealthy panic fleeing

After the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the authorities still insisted on continuing the “dynamic clearing” epidemic prevention policy, while emphasizing the development model of “common prosperity”. The signal that the policy has been turned to the left has caused panic among many wealthy Chinese, worried that the Cultural Revolution will repeat, and they have sold their assets and fled, and luxury homes in Shanghai have plummeted by 40% for sale. Many foreign and Taiwanese businessmen have also begun to sell their businesses and leave China.

Zhao Ting, a real estate agent in Shanghai, told Radio Free Asia, “The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has ended, and many luxury house owners no longer have any illusions about the future, so they decided to sell their houses at a lower price.” Some luxury houses in Shanghai plummeted by about 40% of the market price. Luxury homes are down 30% to 40% from market prices.

She said bluntly: “Everyone wants to run away, and it’s too late to sell.”

Recently, there was news on overseas Twitter that in addition to Feng Xiaogang, mainland director Zhang Yimou also left Beijing with his family and immigrated to San Francisco, USA. Well-known host Jin Xing left China with her husband and parents and flew to New York, USA. There are also many wealthy businessmen who have left China, including Sun Hongbin of Sunac Group, Yang Guoqiang of Country Garden, Li Silian of R&F Group, and Xu Rongmao of World Trade Group.

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Gao Yu, a former media personality in mainland China, tweeted: “Everyone with money has run away. What about those without money? This is a problem facing the CCP regime.”

Another tweeter said, “The people here are particularly amazing. They hate capital, hate the rich, and despise the poor, but they are respectful to those who toss them.”

“Feng Xiaogang has already moved to the United States, but his movie “1942” is still being shown in China.”

“Director Feng Xiaogang emptied his Weibo and moved to the United States. When I saw this message, I was reminded of that young man in Shanghai, ‘Thank you, we are the last generation’. How many people have a ‘leader’ brought despair?”

The film “1942” directed by Feng Xiaogang was adapted from the novel “Review of the Old Ones 1942”, which tells the story of the 1942 Henan famine, the tragic journey of millions of people who endured starvation and fled the famine.

Some netizens compared the escape clip of “1942” with the recent video of Foxconn employees in Zhengzhou, Henan, fleeing the factory and returning home, criticizing the CCP’s clearing and epidemic prevention policy for causing escape tragedies across China.

(Comprehensive report by reporter Luo Tingting/responsible editor: Wen Hui)

URL of this article: https://www.ntdtv.com/gb/2022/10/31/a103563802.html

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