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Ferrari Testarossa, here is the $ 100,000 electric model

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Ferrari Testarossa, here is the $ 100,000 electric model

ROMA – Ten million euros for a Ferrari 250 Testarossa from the 1950s, and 100,000 dollars for a toy car that always reproduces a Testarossa, in this case the Lucybelle II that competed in the 1958 24 Hours of Le Mans. It will happen in these hot days. August days in the shadow of Monterey Car Week, a prestigious event scheduled in Laguna Seca from 13 to 21 of this month and in which the Peeble Beach elegance contest is celebrated, plus a couple of millionaire auctions.

The first auction is the one organized on August 18 by RM Sothebys, where the number 18 of the 500 Testarossa will be beaten (19 were produced in all), the one driven at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1957 by Richie Ginther and Francois Picard . The estimate, as already mentioned, is around 10 million dollars, but it is likely that the price will rise again.

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by Valerio Berruti

The second auction will instead be organized on August 19th by Bonhams. Baptized “The Quail Auction” from the name of the Golf Club, it will offer a scale copy of the Lucybelle II at a price between 90 and 100 thousand dollars, in particular a model made according to the documentation of the Maranello company, and 25% smaller than the original.

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Equipped with an electric motor, this toy was made by the British company The Little Car Company and donated to the Pebble Beach Company Foundation to raise funds for charitable initiatives. Everything is faithful to the original: wheels, steering, suspension and even the paint is the same as in the current Ferrari range.

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The same obsessive care has also been placed inside, from the seats in the same red leather as the current Ferrari road cars to the Nardi steering wheel, to the pedals of the F8 Tributo. The instrumentation has the same dials with identical characters, but being an electric car the oil and water gauges now monitor the temperature of the battery and engine. The batteries have been placed in the front of the car and guarantee about 90 km of autonomy, while the charging socket is where the petrol cap usually is. The plate on the dashboard completes the work, identifying it as “1 of 1 – 2022 Pebble Beach Edition”. And if 100 thousand dollars are too much, there is a remedy. In the Ferrari stores, the official model of the 250 Testarossa in 1: 8 scale costs “only” 17,215 euros.

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