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FFIXXED STUDIOS officially debuts the new 2022 spring and summer series

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FFIXXED STUDIOS, a brand co-hosted by Fiona Lau and Kain Picken, recently officially released the 2022 spring and summer series Lookbook. This season the brand aims to explore the human thirst for nature from the perspective of modern lifestyles. It is inspired by the 60s of the last century. The retro image of the Boy Scouts from the 1950s to the 1980s used the concept of combining uniforms and functions to integrate practical clothing elements with the needs of contemporary life. In addition, some retro images of “seed packs” also appear repeatedly in this series. The “seed packs” symbolize everyone’s endless desire to commercialize all aspects of the natural world, resulting in a beautiful and wonderfully uplifting look. The sight of people’s hearts. Therefore, FFIXXED STUDIOS also asked everyone a question, “Are we truly inspired and inspired by nature, or are we more interested in our own ability to recreate nature in consumer culture?” Fan.

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