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Film Museum showcases masterpieces of contemporary Russian films-Xinhuanet

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The 2021 China Film Museum’s international film exhibition has begun. This year’s screening will continue for several months. 30 high-quality, diversified, and excellent international films, both old and new, with unique viewing value will be delivered as scheduled.

The opening Russian film exhibition was held from August 24th to August 29th. Five Russian films with high artistic value including “St. Petersburg, I Love You”, “Queen of Spades”, “Wake Me”, “The Test” and “The Postman’s White Night” will meet audiences in Beijing.

From the Soviet montage school in the early days of film development, to the socialist realism style created by several master film historians, to the artistic films with strong national styles in the Soviet era, Russian film creators always surprise people. On the other hand, contemporary Russian films radiate new vitality through the integration of native Russian national image features and Hollywood elements, allowing people outside the Eastern European plains to examine history, emotions, and reality from different perspectives. The five films shown this time are all excellent works of the Russian film industry in recent years.

Among them, “St. Petersburg, I Love You” is a platter movie in which seven female directors present a feast of shots for the city of St. Petersburg. “Queen of Spades” is adapted from the plot of the famous opera “Queen of Spades”. It tells the story of a crazy woman who does everything possible to satisfy her ambitions in her career. “Wake Me” is a thriller with fantasy elements. The heroine can foresee the future in her dream. She decides to use this super power to escape her destiny. “The Test” is adapted from a real event that took place on the steppes of Kazakhstan in 1949. There is no dialogue in the film, the complex structure is handled silently, and the irony is highlighted with silence. The ending is completely unexpected by the audience. “The White Night of the Postman” takes place on an isolated island in northern Russia. The islanders maintain the simplest self-sufficient life. A postman who drives a speedboat through the lake is the only medium through which the island communicates with the outside world. . The film won the best director award at the 71st Venice Film Festival.

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Film Museum exhibits masterpieces of contemporary Russian films


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