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“Final Fantasy 7: Remake” developers secretly talk about the original players can operate Tifa – Game – cnBeta.COM

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“Final Fantasy 7: Remake” developers secretly talk about the original players can operate Tifa – Game – cnBeta.COM

This year is the 25th anniversary of the release of “Final Fantasy 7”, and recently the official release of the developer’s secret talk, the guests of this secret talk are: Toriyama Qiu (co-director & script designer), Endo Hiroki (battle director), Naoki Hamaguchi (Co-Director & Game Design/Programming), Masaki Funo (Character Modeling Director), etc., the developers discussed such as: why Sephiroth appeared earlier, how the scene of Tifa’s debut was designed, etc. , let’s take a look at the key summary of this secret talk:


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Q: In this game, compared with the original “FFVII”, although the content is in the early stage of the game, the script itself has been made very detailed. When making “FFVII Remake”, how did you use the original script? How did you adapt it?

Toriyama: The role of the “script” in game development has changed a lot between the time of the original and the present of the remake. At the beginning, it was enough to tell the story in the early stages of the game, but now it is not familiar with the game. The developed actors are used as scripts for motion capture and voice recording, in areas where the background does not yet exist, detailed writing is required so that the entire large development team has the same impression of the environment, so that the entire large development team has the same impression of the game .

As the game design progresses, it is necessary to supplement and write content that conveys the character’s mood and condition according to the game content. When writing the remake script, I will play the original game and refer to the game video, but I rarely refer to the original work at the same time. While writing the script.

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Q: When Cloud is switched to battle mode, Cloud’s posture looks similar to the posture of Sephiroth in the original “FFVII” when he was fighting. Is this design intentional? If so, is this something Claude learned in his soldier days? Or is Claude imitating him?

Endo Haoki: It’s not intentional, it’s just that we took into account when designing: there needs to be a huge change that is different from the normal mode, there must be obvious mode changes, and it must be designed in line with Claude’s personality and other factors. the result of.

Q: We liked Jesse’s reaction in the laser beam game. Overall, for the whole mission, you look casual and relaxed why she’s not as nervous as Cloud or Barrett.

Toriyama Qiu: Jesse was originally a bright personality, and his behavior can relieve everyone’s tension. Not only Jesse, but the members of Avalanche also participated in the activities against Shinra and the protection of the planet, because these activities have the effect of student movement. Casual colors. Especially for the first No. 1 magic furnace blasting mission, Jesse and his colleagues did not expect to cause huge damage, and after this incident, the avalanche gradually formed a serious atmosphere.

Q: Why is there an option to choose the timing of the blast timer? Does the choice of time have any effect on the game?

Naoki Hamaguchi: In order to create a sense of tension in defending Scorpio’s post-battle escape, we thought that setting the time ourselves was the essence of the experience. In-game influences will increase Jesse’s rewards in Chapter Two.

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Also, unlike the original Final Fantasy 7, there is no timing in the Defense Scorpio match, which can be stressful for players who are not yet familiar with the combat system, so we have adjusted the timing after the battle is over.

Q: Is Barret strong enough to use Cloud’s Destruction Sword with one hand.

Masaki Funo: You can see in the game that Barrett’s arms are very thick. If you compare it to Claude, say, in terms of the cross-sectional area of ​​the upper arm, Barrett’s area is about four times that of Claude, and if you take that difference roughly as muscle mass, Barrett It seems that Tet can raise it with one hand and swing it down, but the Destruction Sword is a large sword with a weight of about 40 kilograms, which means that in order to use it, in addition to strength skills, it is necessary.

Q: Fans who played the original Final Fantasy VII seem to be quite surprised by Sephiroth’s fairly early appearance and exposure to Cloud in the remake. Why the team decided to have Sephiroth in the story so quickly. Does this mean showing the player Cloud’s vulnerability at an early stage.

Toriyama: There is indeed such an intention, and because the existence of Sephiroth in the remake had a strong influence on Cloud, he was also introduced at an earlier stage.

Q: Why did Fila interfere with Cloud before she met Alice? Did Alice interfere with the timeline without knowing it?

Toriyama: Fila, who surrounds Alice in the Eighth Avenue downtown area, does not hinder her, but guides Cloud and Alice to meet at that place. Keeping them where they are is to avoid Alice escaping the chaos of Eighth Avenue caused by the explosion of the magic furnace.

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Q: In the original Final Fantasy, we could enter the underground area of ​​Seventh Heaven, but why was this part cut off in Final Fantasy 7: Remake?

Toriyama & Hamaguchi Naoki: In the third chapter, we distanced Cloud and Avalanche members from the original, which reflects Cloud’s sense of loneliness.

But there is a continuation of this story. During the development process, in chapters 8 and 9, we wanted to use Tifa as the protagonist, and let the player operate Tifa to participate in the bride candidate of the Gurugen tail, and the underground base of Avalanche will be It will appear here, but the story here is just when Cloud falls from the magic furnace into the church to meet Alice. If you add other stories, it will make the story feel broken and give up, but if there is still a chance, Hope to tell Tifa’s story.

Q: How did you decide on Tifa’s intro scene? Is it important to create a strong first impression for fans?

Toriyama Mototake: In the form of Tifa and Marlene waiting for everyone to arrive on Seventh Avenue, we thought this situation would free the player from the tension from the previous mission, thus making Tifa’s gentle personality more prominent. As Claude’s only trusted childhood friend, it’s only when he interacts with Tifa that we see his real side.

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