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Finality – Technocracy – Album Review

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Finality – Technocracy – Album Review

Technocracy – Finality
Origin: Michigan, USA
Release: 05.05.2023
Label: Self-Release
Duration: 48:12
Genre: Thrash / Power Metal

The six-piece thrash and power metal formation Finality was originally intended as a small project among friends. Through the indefinite hiatus in thrash and melodic death metal band Battlecrossdecided the former members of Battlecross, Cursed Eternity and As They Sleep with Finality to reinvent.

With her self-released and self-produced debut album Technocracy united Finality various influences from heavy metal, melodic death and thrash metal as well as power metal and created a strong and at the same time melodic piece of music.

Chuck Marshall of ‘Life in Michigan’ describes the band’s music as “Aggressive and technically demanding metal with clear, powerful vocals”. Compared to Battlecross‘ fast, energetic riffs and deep growls and screams Finality on progressive, atmospheric sounds and complex song structures paired with clear vocals.

Clean vocals & hard, melodic guitar riffs

The first track Academia begins with a rousing Thrash riff and just flies in your face. Concentrated power in the form of a tightly played double bass that demonstrates the drummer’s technical skills Dan Faiz highlights, as well as singer’s powerful vocals Tony Thisfit together perfectly and create a coherent thrash metal song that will make your neck hurt.

A little more melodic it goes on with Finality. The intro begins with an atmospheric drum solo, accompanied by harmonic guitars and bright crash cymbal sounds that sound almost angelic – as far as metal can sound angelic. Tony This gets everything out of his voice and inspires with high vocal tones. Halfway through the track male choir vocals give a short breather before tight riffs and melodic guitar solos continue.

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Greetings from progressive nuances

With a fast guitar intro and galloping drums, the title track delivers Technocracy once again the ability of the band to the point. I particularly like the Progressive Metal influence and the catchy guitar riff that underscores most of the song. A welcome change in tempo follows with melodic guitar sounds and effective vocals that Technocracy dynamism and diversity. get you HERE a taste.

Finality have a successful work with Technocracy create. The mixture of Thrash Metal and Power Metal with progressive influences let the listener fully immerse themselves in their work. The album convinces with its high musical level and powerful vocals. 8,5 / 10

Line Up
Tony Asta – Gesang
Hiran Deraniyagala – Guitar
John Artuso – guitar
Joe Cady – guitar
Mike Heugel – Bass
Dan Fayz – drums

01. Academia
02. Finality
03. Malevolence
04. Delirium
05. Technocracy
06. Pain
07. World Fell Apart
08. Predecessor
09. Revelation
10. Oblivion

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Facebook Finality
Instagram Finality

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